Ensuring Safer Digital Payments for a FinTech

Ensuring Safer Digital Payments for a FinTech

A unified governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) engine replaces siloed applications and fragmented processes.

Fintech survival requires rapid innovation within a complex, highly regulated environment. For this global digital leader, Altimetrik created a scalable, extensible end-to-end GRC system that keeps pace with changing regulations across countries, and also helped implement a unified workflow process that prevents slowdowns during the launch of innovative consumer products.

  • Rolled Out in 26 Countries Within 2 Months of Production Install
  • 35% Reduction in Total Cost of Operations
  • 29% Reduction in Average Effort of Managing a Compliance Case
  • 40% Reduction in Turnaround Time for Compliance Cases

Efficient execution and rigorous engineering practices ensure safer digital payments.

Our client required an extremely rapid agile implementation to replace the most inflexible components of their legacy application while, at the same time, ensuring that business could continue without interruption.

The new system went live in record time, and all applications were decommissioned, resulting in a 35% reduction in the total cost of operations. With a more scalable and integrated compliance system, the client can now pursue product launches, modernization, and new market expansion plans with greater efficiency and without creating compliance bottlenecks.

To bring the new system to life, Altimetrik:

  • Automated analysis to rapidly create a prioritized product backlog worklist
  • Set aggressive goals for the time-to-market and quality of product
  • Created a comprehensive plan that includes continuous KPI reviews
  • Automated data quality checks, adopted principles of DevOps with automated pipelines, and leveraged use of reusable components for UI and server-side implementations

“In times when data privacy and regulatory compliance are becoming increasingly stringent, an overarching view of data security and risk across multiple platforms and domains goes a long way to ensuring that threats of compliance gaps are eliminated and result in consistently safe consumer experiences.”

Debabrata Das

Client Partner

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