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Adapt to Global Shifts with Platform Modernization

Global socio-economic and market conditions are compelling businesses to constantly re-think their products or service offerings. Customers are always looking for the new and the next. However, evolving is not easy and can be expensive. Legacy systems, monolithic architectures, and outdated processes, coupled with the absence of a Single Source of Truth, impede digital adoption and enterprise-scale performance.

Embrace a digital business approach with platform modernization for holistic change, accelerate adaptability, and take innovation to market seamlessly with greater agility and minimal disruption to existing systems.

Do you want to know the digital readiness of your company?

Push Your Boundaries. Thrive in the Digital Age.

We help our clients achieve their goals and have sustainable growth with our platform modernization solutions. By providing an incremental, bite-sized approach, our clients begin to see results within weeks. From modernizing frameworks to optimizing workflows to creating amazing digital products, we provide the tech, the expertise, and the roadmap to make it all happen.

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Elevate offerings for today's dynamic customers and markets

True platform modernization goes beyond a traditional technology-centric approach, it requires a digital business mindset to attain greater consistency, speed, and scale. To evolve into a dynamic ‘Digital Business,’ consider the three critical elements—the 3Ps:


Cultivate a mindset and skillset to transformation.


Enhance efficiency, agility, and adaptability.


Optimise tools, hardware, and the application ecosystem.

We deliver this through our proprietary approach –The Digital Business Methodology

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It’s business-led, outcome

Incremental approach with bite-sized results

Infuses agility
and hyper collaboration

Enables data-centric decision making based on SSOT

Case Study: Global Automotive Company

Automation drives faster releases & improved compliance for automotive player.

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Platform Modernization Outcomes

Led by practitioners, we design end to end modernization roadmaps and deploy scrum-based, agile engineering capability to deliver results within weeks, such as:
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Modernizing high-volume transaction platforms into modern infrastructures for scale, speed, and flexibility without risk.

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Harness cloud (native) resources to propel innovation, enhance app performance, and cloud engineering experience.

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Penetration Testing as a Service, (Application/Infrastructure/Web & Mobile), Vulnerability Scaling & Remediation, Security Event Monitoring

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Lead large scale Agile transformations with blended partnership model, consisting of value stream mapping, product centric org structures, lean portfolio management.

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Extend beyond tech upgrades to include data platform enhancement, bolstering data processing, security, and compliance for future readiness.

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Streamline engineering processes and practices, eliminate delivery friction, and align developer practices with agile frameworks.

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We take a holistic approach to modernize monolithic transactional platforms to cloud-enabled microservice architecture.

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Refining the SSDLC framework, IAM, DevSecOps Toolchain, Cloud Security Reference Architecture.

Delivered through Deep Technology Expertise

Supporting our clients end-to-end on their cloud journey from strategy to migration and management, our solution prioritizes on performance, innovation, adaptability and cost-effectiveness. 

Our workload migration factory tailors a migration journey that factors in client’s business, financial and operational maturity.  Effective cloud management is crucial for organizations to make the most of cloud computing while maintaining control and compliance.
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We have redefined the developer experience by introducing advanced DevSecOps methods and pathways that streamlines engineering processes and practices, eliminates delivery friction, and aligns developer practices with agile frameworks.

We enable a self-service culture for continuous deployment ability while incorporating security right into the development process and not as an after-thought. 

Body Agile Transformation Improves

Our expertise includes leading large scale Agile transformations with blended partnership model, consisting of value stream mapping, product centric org structures, and lean portfolio management. We bring unique diagnostic tools to give insights into the building blocks of individual behaviors geared to empower the Agile mindset shift strengthened with Agile Coaching across all levels to lead and steer the Agile transformation. Our services for consulting are for SAFe, public and private training for all SAFe roles, and access to SAFe automation platforms.

Our approach to AI is not restricted to the GenAI hype but takes a combination of GenAI, Discriminative AI, and Rule-based AI – depending entirely on the business problem or goal to be solved. 

With a range of AI accelerators for quick hyper-tuning and deployment to situational business needs reduces deployment efforts by 60%. These are applicable across the spectrum of business functions including customer support, marketing, finance, IT & HR, and platform modernization.
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Case Study: Global Financial Giant

Improving productivity for global financial giant through Agile transformation.

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