Aligning Business Needs, Maximizing Digital Potential

Aligning Business Needs, Maximizing Digital Potential

Jeffrey Fleischman played a significant role in the Digital CXO article titled “Diageo Partners with SAP and IBM on Digital Transformation.” The article highlights the recent announcement by beverage company Diageo regarding its ambitious five-year business transformation plan, which involves a substantial investment in technology and services. The primary objectives of this initiative are to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions quickly, enhance business resilience, elevate customer service, and effectively adapt to changing consumer trends.

Jeff shared insights from Altimetrik’s digital business methodology, emphasizing common concerns that hinder companies from pursuing digital transformation. These concerns include worries about costs, disruptions to the business, and a lack of the necessary skills and tools to accelerate digital capabilities. Companies often seek partnerships to address challenges such as the absence of a single source of truth (SSOT), a business-led approach that focuses on outcomes, a cloud-based digital business platform (DBP) to manage their technology stack, the adoption of an agile digital culture, or the need for specific skills internally.

Jeff emphasized the importance of aligning digitalization efforts with the business needs and utilizing data and technology to achieve them. He also stressed the significance of measuring progress by achieving specific milestones within expected timeframes and continuously monitoring end-to-end performance to ensure compliance with quality and traceability standards.

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