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Interviewing Fernanda for International women’s day

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Interviewing Fernanda for International women’s day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day we interviewed Fernanda, a woman who has stood out for her commitment, hard work and achievements, and who has also won the love and respect of the team.

What is your role in Altimetrik?
Even though I had a developer background before starting working at Altimetrik, I began as a Junior Salesforce Developer 8 years ago. 3 months later, I became a Team Lead and 2 years ago I became a Project Manager. Since then, I have been managing and leading technically different development teams.

What are your goals in life? What challenges and values motivate you?
My goals in life have been varying during time. I have accomplished many and gave up many too. Right now I just want to spend time with my family, be there when my daughter needs me, travel and keep working on what I like.
Professionally, keep learning, growing and finding complex problems to solve, those who keep you awake until you find a solution.

What are your secrets for personal and work- life balance?
No secrets, I do what I can to balance it and not always happens.

What achievements of your professional or personal life make you proud?
My best achievement is my family. I have a beautiful daughter and the kindest husband who supports me in every situation.
Professionally, I am proud of how much I have grown during all these years. Becoming a manager and having the trust of Altimetrik for such a position. Having the chance to travel and participate in conferences, giving a technical session representing the company.

What challenges do women face today in the technology sector?
I am not the right person to ask this question. I was raised with the idea that I could do anything, not showing me restrictions based on my gender. So I grew with that idea as a fact, and I never felt that I had a challenge because of being a woman in this career. I have ha challenges of course, but not because of my gender.
The only challenge I felt but not on IT sector but as a working woman was when my daughter was born. Maternity leave was too short by that time and I had to come back to work when my daughter was only 1 month and a half. This is . something that has improved, but for me it was a
big challenge to face.

How would you define gender equality?
Gender equality for me is when a person has the same right and opportunities no matter of his gender.
If I focus this definition on job positions, this does not mean having the same amount of woman and men with the same Job position or at the company. It means that if the person is capable and good for that position to not be restricted because of its gender.

What footprint would you like to leave to future generations?
I plan to teach programming to children, that will be something that will last and grow in them.

What do you recommend to girls who want to have a career in tech?
Do it!, do not overthink about the possible problems and what will others think or say. If it is something that you like and enjoy, do it.

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