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Advancing Life Saving Innovations via Data and Digital

Increasing expenses, evolving patient needs, and the intricate regulatory environment represent just a handful of the numerous obstacles encountered by pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprises. However, these challenges can be effectively addressed through the implementation of a robust digital strategy coupled with a meticulously planned end-to-end execution roadmap.

Helping Life Sciences Companies Leverage the Power of Digital Business

We are pharma digital practitioners with deep capabilities in data sciences and digital technologies including Cloud, AI/ML, blockchain and more. Our focus lies in leveraging generative AI (GenAI) capabilities alongside product engineering excellence guardrailed by DevSecOps and Quality Engineering, leveraging bite-sized outcome through Agile methodologies to drive innovation and efficiency in Life sciences digital solutions.Based on our Digital Business Methodology and our thorough assessment of the pharma digital ecosystem, we are delivering several outcomes to leading Life sciences companies.
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Expedite innovative therapies to market with intelligent data platforms

sales 2

Boost sales through personalized targeting and adoption by HCPs and customers

production 2

Enhance quality-controlled production and distribution

data analysis 2

Harness RWD/RWE for data-centric lifecycle optimisation

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Our Solutions

Centred on Vital Life Sciences

Clinical Development

The journey of bringing a medicine/device to market entails multiple intricate steps, necessitating a multifaceted approach. Employing patient-centric and remote trial models, leveraging real-world evidence, identifying biomarkers, establishing collaborative research networks, and utilizing adaptive clinical trial designs can enhance drug development effectiveness and efficiency. A synergy of these strategies is imperative, alongside a commitment to continuous innovation and collaboration.
clinical development

Get the right drug to the market Faster and Smarter

Identify effective drugs faster with data analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze interim trial results and modify.

Supplement trial data with real-world insights for drug effectiveness and safety

Utilize bioinformatics and computational biology to validate biomarkers predicting treatment response for targeted therapies. 

Leverage cloud-based platforms and collaborative software to establish networks for better patient recruitment and data sharing.

Implement electronic data capture systems and digital platforms to evaluate multiple drugs in one trial for efficient drug development. 

Embrace telemedicine, virtual monitoring, and digital health tools for broader patient participation. 

Design trials with patient needs in mind for better recruitment and retention through mobile or web apps and other digital platforms.

Implement bioinformatics and genomics technologies to develop companion diagnostics for targeted recruitment and personalized treatment. 

Ensure seamless data exchange among research sites with interoperable electronic health record systems and health data standards.

Ethics, Risks and Compliance

Life sciences companies can reduce regulatory and compliance risks, forge strong bonds with regulatory authorities, and ensure the success of their operations by proactive engagement with regulatory authorities early on, staying current with regulatory changes, implementing robust compliance and quality management processes, training combined with data security, internal reporting and auditing, vigilant post-marketing surveillance, and transparent clinical trial registration.

Ethics risks and compliance

Mitigate regulation issues in the Pharma product lifecycle

Utilize digital communication tools to engage regulatory agencies early in the drug development process for expedited feedback and review pathways for faster approvals.

Use AI and data analytics to monitor regulatory changes and update compliance processes automatically.

Implement data security measures and blockchain for secure data storage and transparency throughout product lifecycle. 

Deploy cloud-based systems for secure storage and easy retrieval of regulatory documents

Utilize insights from risk management tools for automated risk assessments and tracking mitigation measures

Use digital regulatory intelligence tools insights to track and analyse changes in regulations across different markets. 

Utilize AI-powered pharmacovigilance to monitor adverse events, detect safety signals, and comply with reporting obligations. 

Implement digital auditing platforms to streamline third-party audits and vendor compliance tracking.

Utilize digital compliance monitoring tools to track key compliance metrics and generate real-time reports for regulatory authorities. 

Commercial and Product Lifecycle Management

Achieving and maintaining top market share is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, adaptation, and responsiveness to the market’s changing dynamics and competition. It’s essential to stay innovative, customer-centric, and data-driven to remain successful in the Life sciences industry.  

Commercial and product lifecycle management

Attain and hold the top market share for a drug/device.

Monitor drug performance post-approval and plan for broader indications using data analytics and real-world evidence.

Utilize electronic data capture systems and digital platforms for virtual trials and real-world evidence collection

Insight based targeting of specific patient groups based on demographics and medical conditions.

Monitor adverse events and address safety concerns promptly using AI-powered pharmacovigilance tools. 

Demonstrate drug cost-effectiveness to payers and insurance companies using health economic and outcomes research (HEOR) data and digital health apps

Enhance patient adherence, support, and satisfaction through mobile apps or web portals

Organize web-based CME events and webinars to keep healthcare professionals updated on the latest drug information and research findings.

Use virtual communication platforms to connect and engage influential stakeholders for advocacy.  

Analyze market data and employ dynamic pricing algorithms to adjust drug prices to gain competitive advantages

Manufacturing, Quality & Supply Chain

Leveraging AI, data analytics, IoT, and blockchain, companies optimize production, ensure quality, and streamline distribution. Smart manufacturing and robotics reduce costs and errors, while IoT sensors monitor temperature-sensitive drugs in real-time for a secure cold chain. Predictive modelling aids demand forecasting and inventory optimization. Blockchain enables transparent tracking, preventing counterfeiting. Collaborative platforms foster seamless communication among stakeholders. Embracing these solutions enhances visibility, decision-making, and patient access, revolutionizing drug manufacturing and distribution.

Manufacturing quality distribution

Produce and distribute the right quantity through the right channel to the right patient

Detect gaps in process design through correlation of outcomes and events

Manage CMO/ CTL operations and optimize the CoC/ CoA processes. 

Implement temperature monitoring sensors, blockchain-enabled tracking, and real-time alerts to manage temperature-sensitive drugs during transport and storage.

Single source of truth for all manufacturing operations across sites and business units

Utilize automation and smart labelling systems to optimize packaging processes, ensure compliance, and enhance product safety and identification. 

Establish centralized data hubs with cloud-based platforms and real-time tracking to enhance supply chain visibility, monitor key performance indicators, and identify areas for improvement. 

Utilize digital platforms, mobile apps, and telemedicine solutions to prioritize patient needs, enable personalized drug delivery, and improve patient adherence. 

Establish quality intelligence platforms for collaborative data sharing with suppliers/partners.

Utilize risk assessment tools, predictive analytics, and scenario modelling to identify and mitigate potential disruptions in the supply chain or manufacturing process proactively.

Discover the Altimetrik

Our Offerings

We have a successful track record of enabling outstanding digital outcomes for our clients including accelerating the drug development process, simplifying submissions and compliance, driving sales and provider outreach effectiveness, injecting efficiency and visibility into pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chains, setting up and driving value from GxP compliance platforms and optimizing processes in a safe, friction-free manner.

Along our deep capabilities in product design and engineering, data/analytics, Cloud and DevSecOps Altimetrik brings a wealth of experience within the pharma industry, functional SME knowledge across a range of process areas and an agile product-first mindset to drive early and continuous delivery of digital value. Outcomes Delivered in the Pharma, Life-sciences, and Healthcare Space

Outcomes Delivered in the Pharma,
Life Sciences, and Healthcare

Sales & Marketing

1 1

Medical Device

Enabled field sales efficiency for a medical device leader, cutting down sales representative workload by over 30%. Wait time for demo kit availability by 70%

Value Chain

3 1

Pharma Clinical

Conducted an end-to-end assessment accelerated, friction free, data aware, GxP compliant processes across the clinical development value chain

Value Services

Medical Device Value

Medical Device Value
Add Service

Developed a product to help a medical device leader plug into the provider-device-patient ecosystem and enabling providers to maintain CCJR compliance


2 1

Large Pharma

Enabled a global Pharma major to reap the benefits of Release by Exception in manufacturing while rationalising processes and KPI’s across products and locations

Data & AI

pharma commercial


Improved sales and increased conversion in provider/doctor outreach sales activity for a large Pharma organisation by leveraging data and Artificial intelligence (AI)

Healthcare Ecosystem

Patient Continuum Of Care

Patient Continuum
of Care

Developed an end-to-end continuum of patient care platform for a Global healthcare start-up, enabling seamless coordination across patients, providers, and payers

Global Data Platform

Large Pharma Data Platform

Large Pharma
Data Platform

Implemented a unified global data platform for a Pharma leader offering FAIRified access for ease of use and business adoption by leveraging Master Data Management effectively


crm pharma

Large Pharma Customer
Relations Management

Streamlined processes with Salesforce customization, tailored apps, and work flows, ensuring data integrity and security. Provided ongoing support and adhered to best practices.


Pharma Financial Efficiency

Pharma Financial

Created a finance SSOT and intelligent dashboards for FP&A at a global Pharma major who acquired a large imaging and nuclear therapy company, needing unified insights


Pharma Financial Efficiency

Created a finance SSOT and intelligent
dashboards for FP&A at a global pharma major
who had acquired a large imaging and nuclear
therapy company and needed unified insights.


Patient Continuum Of Care

Developed an end-to-end continuum of care
platform for a start-up within the healthcare
ecosystem by enabling seamless coordination
across patients, providers and payers.

how crm fosters customer engagement in the pharmaceutical industry banner 1

Managing Customer Relations

We're signed up to upgrade clients' current
Salesforce applications, which Sales
Agents use to receive recommendations on
scheduling meetings with Accounts.

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