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Unlock the Digital Leader in You

A Proven Pathway to Digitalize Your Business without Disruption

A team of visionary entrepreneurs deliver an authoritative and engaging roadmap on how to digitalize your business by taking small, achievable steps that yield measurable, near-term results.

In this handbook of concrete strategies and methods, the authors show you how to pinpoint and implement bite-sized projects that sync up with your business priorities.

You’ll learn how to find and choose between the digital enablement options available to you while discovering the tools you need to explain their value to stakeholders and get much-needed buy-in from executives, managers, and employees. You’ll also:

  • Learn about the value of experimentation, continuous innovation, and how to generate dramatic transformation by using incremental changes to your advantage
  • Find out how to digitalize one piece of your business at a time, instead of taking on a gargantuan transformation all at once that is destined for failure
  • Discover how to straddle the technology and business worlds and help define each of them to the other
About the Authors
Raj V e1665405946500

Raj Vattikuti

RAJ B. VATTIKUTI is Executive Chairman of Altimetrik, a digital business accelerator for some of the most influential companies in the world. He is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who has founded companies that support some of the leading global players in healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, retail, travel, hospitality, and finance.

Ram charan pic e1665405930234

Dr. Ram Charan

RAM CHARAN is a New York Times bestselling business author, a world-renowned authority on leadership development, and a highly sought CEO advisor. He has sold over 2 million books, is a former professor at Harvard Business School, and has advised CEOs at GE, Verizon, Bank of America, and other Fortune 500 companies.


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