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Case Study

Simplified Banking and Payments for the Gig Economy

20 million independent contractors and small businesses can count on secure immediate payments.

One of the world’s leading banks saw the power of the gig economy and recognized the opportunities it presented to increase competitive advantage, improve efficiency and Quality of Service and enhance their technology transformation.

The challenge? Their existing digital infrastructure wasn’t ready for this new world. Altimetrik provided the roadmap and the method, and now a whole new sector of the economy is benefitting from a simplified commercial banking system.

  • 2x Productivity Boost
  • 10x Cost Savings
  • 20 Million New Accounts
  • 4x Faster Deployments

Domain-driven design results in a digital platform the gig economy can bank on.

Our client needed to be able to launch new digital products, enhance existing offerings and increase their speed to market ­– without interrupting their bread and butter service to branches. Their traditional teams and software delivery practices weren’t well suited for rapid time-to-market delivery. Altimetrik’s approach of Domain Driven Design (DDD) improved collaboration between internal business and technology experts for iterative refinements from a conceptual model to implementation. This allowed for incremental deployments through a microservices-driven architecture and enabled faster time to market.

Within our Domain Driven Design we:

  • Enabled developers and business to share a common language.
  • Placed maximum concentration on rethinking the core application process, focusing on simplifying the complexities intrinsic in the business model.
  • Reduced the chances of developing ‘tribal knowledge’ where only a select few have knowledge on the business model.
  • Created an end-to-end automated pipeline to deploy software across various workstreams with greater speed and frequency.

Today the platform enables some 20 million independent contractors and small business to secure immediate payments for products and services. It’s a solution that’s on the money.

“By leveraging our expertise in Domain Driven Design, we are helping a large financial institution increase resilience, improve scalability, improve time to market and increase ROI with reduced TCO and continuous delivery.”

Mohammed Farooqui

East BU Head

Digital Business Methodology

The Growth Code

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