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Case Study

Helping People Discover, Connect, and Share

Cloudification injects agility and accelerates business outcomes.

Altimetrik helped this online social networking powerhouse transform an existing legacy application into a set of modern cloud-based applications. This allowed the business to support global e-commerce, address the rising cost of compliance and manage the increasing volumes of data, documents and images that need to be online and searchable. In the process, over 90 stacks of software technologies—built over a period of 20 years—were migrated, re-written, or sunset.

Now users can connect and share data more quickly and securely than ever before.

  • 100% Reduction in Data Loss
  • 60% Increase in Turnaround Time
  • 20% Increase in E-commerce Shoppers
  • 15% Reduction in Time for Marketing Efforts

A large-scale end-to-end system gets modernized.

Altimetrik first prioritized ways to achieve the greatest impact. The biggest issues were tied to data loss, server overload (due to extreme volumes) and the complexity of the existing e-commerce platform that made it very hard to change or adapt. Legacy systems and waterfall SDLC methodology needed both a technology and an operational refresh.

Modern cloud-based platforms and API microservices-based applications were implemented, and new pathways and processes of working and collaboration were developed. Key activities for this engagement included:

  • Engagement of Enterprise Users: Key stakeholders (business, product and technology leadership) were engaged throughout the process–from the time of planning to the rollout and alignment of schedules for integration and acceptance testing.
  • Enabling Data Analytics Development: Data from disparate sources was routed to a centralized data lake, enabling business analytics and visualization dashboards.
  • Quality Engineering Automation: An automated, quality framework was leveraged at breakpoints that reduced the mishandling of data.
  • Talent Acquisition: 100+ full-stack engineers underwent a high-velocity ramp-up through the Altimetrik Playground in a span of 80 days.

“We enabled business transformation by leveraging microservices, SME in-cloud migration, domain solution and product management expertise, Cloud AWS, Test Automations and DevOps.”

Tamil Selvan Jayaraman

Engineering Leader

Digital Business Methodology

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Latest Insights

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Biomarker Identification and Validation: Validate biomarkers predicting treatment response for targeted therapies.Utilize bioinformatics and computational biology to validate biomarkers predicting treatment response for targeted therapies.
Collaborative Clinical Research Networks: Establish networks for better patient recruitment and data sharing.Leverage cloud-based platforms and collaborative software to establish networks for better patient recruitment and data sharing.
Master Protocols and Basket Trials: Evaluate multiple drugs in one trial for efficient drug development.Implement electronic data capture systems and digital platforms to efficiently manage and evaluate multiple drugs or drug combinations within a single trial, enabling more streamlined drug development
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Companion Diagnostics Development: Develop diagnostics for targeted recruitment and personalized treatment.Implement bioinformatics and genomics technologies to develop companion diagnostics that can identify patient subpopulations likely to benefit from the drug, aiding in targeted recruitment and personalized treatment
Data Standardization and Interoperability: Ensure seamless data exchange among research sites.Utilize interoperable electronic health record systems and health data standards to ensure seamless data exchange among different research sites, promoting efficient data aggregation and analysis
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