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Case Study

A Digital Platform for 100 Million People

Customers get a platform for better financial decision-making.

A disruptive Fintech Silicon Valley startup had a goal: become an intrinsic part of its customers’ life journeys through every stage of their lives spanning life event planning, cash flow management, budgeting and retirement planning, investment management and insurance coverage decisions.

Their vision: create a smart-life coach bot that would interact with users’ life events and provide financial advice and highly personalized insights using machine learning and advanced, yet private and secure, data aggregation techniques. Additionally, provide users with a secure digital document vault utility.

To achieve their goal of becoming a true disruptor in helping over 100 million people get affordable and actionable life and financial advice, the company needed a scalable solution for both customers and partners ­– one that would provide a state-of-the-art user experience through fun and insightful mobile/web apps and an intelligent assistant interface.

  • Concept to MVP in 90 Days
  • Investor-Ready Prototype in 3 Sprints
  • 80% Infrastructure Cost Reduction
  • High Developer Productivity with <12% Code Churn

100 million people can count on a platform that scales for life’s journeys.

Our client wanted to serve as a key resource in its customers’ life planning process. To create a platform with a comprehensive yet easy to use feature set and intuitive user experience, Altimetrik:

  • Applied our Design Led and Product Engineering principles to deliver value at every phase of development, from product bootstrapping and user experience design through platform engineering and App Store release.
  • Focused on open-source and cloud-native technologies to significantly reduce delivery time and cost, while using containerization, orchestration and microservices to provide great flexibility and speed.

The end result is a platform that 100 million underserved people can count on for sound financial advice, wherever their life journey takes them. It’s a solution they can bank on.

“Our goal at Altimetrik is to help startups bring value to their customers quickly and cost efficiently, as well as helping Fortune 500 companies operate, think and deliver value as quickly and efficiently as startups. We help envision and materialize our customers’ digital disruption and evolution goals – all while enabling value creation and innovation at every turn with the help of our world-class talent and our Playground approach to Product Engineering across Mobile, Web, Cloud, AI, Wearables and beyond.”

Ignacio Segovia

Chief Architect – Head of Product Engineering

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