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Case Study

Putting the Pedal to the Metal in Mobility Innovation

People and goods are mobilized with an integrated transportation ecosystem.

By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in a city. Large cities like London will have as many as 8 million transportation journeys every day – too much for the current infrastructure. Mobility solutions – zero-emission propulsion, automation, ride-hailing, ride-sharing, smart public transportation, and smart cities – address the transportation challenges of an increasingly crowded world. Building these solutions quickly required faster innovation and experimentation cycles to adapt and fine-tune with speed and agility.  Altimetrik’s Playground approach was the key to implementing change.

  • 20+ Mobility Experiments Tested in 90 Days
  • Covered North America, Asia Pacific and Europe
  • 80% Increase in Number of Releases Year Over Year
  • 50% Decrease in Delivery Time for Rideshare Solution

Teams are empowered to deliver high-quality products on tight deadlines.

Traditional teams and software delivery practices weren’t suited to rapid time-to-market and innovation cycles. Part of the solution was to establish smaller teams with multi-skilled full stack digital talent to reduce cycle times. Altimetrik collaborated with the client to augment and upskill existing teams through our Playground assessment process. The result was enabling continuous delivery of product value through tightly integrated development and operations managed by a unified DevOps team.

Within our Playground process, we:

  • Established a digital culture and mindset within the implementation team. This included creating smaller agile teams and onboarding digital talent to create consistency in quality and meeting deliverables on time.
  • Created an end-to-end automated pipeline to deploy software across various workstreams with greater speed and frequency.
  • Rapid ideation of in-market ideas and faster innovation cycle time improved validation process prior to full rollout.

With an optimized digital workforce, automated delivery pipelines and innovation, ideas were taken to market in weeks instead of months and features were updated in daily release cycles. Product decisions to align with geo-specific variances were made rapidly, setting mobility solutions on the road to address challenges for the next 3 decades. It’s a road worth taking.

“We are helping a large enterprise innovate like a start-up through our Playground approach and by leveraging our strengths in Platform, Product Engineering and DevOps.”

Bob Sundar

Vice President

Digital Business Methodology

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