Infusing Agility in a Large Investment Bank for Faster Time-to-Market

Infusing Agility in a Large Investment Bank for Faster Time-to-Market

Platform-as-a-Service increases resiliency and scalability.

A large US-based investment bank partnered with Altimetrik to reduce operational overhead and improve the productivity of their application development teams by reducing back-end plumbing requirements for new applications. The game plan here was to infuse agility – one of the core transformation capabilities that Altimetrik brings to the table for clients.

Using platform engineering principles and Altimetrik best practices, the team created the solution architecture for a platform leveraging a PAAS layer that enabled seamless interaction of applications and reduced cycle production times. The platform significantly improved the operational efficiency of the client’s development teams and time-to-market, with zero downtime.

  • 10% Higher Operational Efficiency
  • 15% Faster Time-to-market
  • 100% Uptime with Monitoring and Site Reliability Capabilities
  • Zero Downtime Deployments for System Updates

New deployment results in 100% uptime and increased agility and scalability.

Altimetrik built and deployed a Service Orchestration engine as a PAAS layer. By enabling runtime consumption core application-infrastructure services via APIs, Altimetrik allowed the bank’s systems to evolve continuously and eliminated end-of-life constraints.

Altimetrik transformed the client’s application development backend with the following steps:

  • Developed a REST-based engine for container deployment and orchestration
  • Migrated existing APIs to Golang APIs for adoption to REST-based engine platform
  • Created Kibana-based dashboards for real-time Log Analytics
  • Configured AppDynamics for container metrics
  • Configured Prometheus for service operational metrics and Sysdig for site reliability dashboards

“Time-to-market and production readiness are two important facets of keeping a business sharp and agile in the digital age where customers are always making decisions based on their digital experiences. Investment banks have to be at par with retail banking in providing a seamless digital experience to customers. Altimetrik’s platform engineering capability can completely transform the way applications are handled by banks to bring in speed, agility and accuracy.”

Ranga Kanapathy

Head of Engineering

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