Increasing the Velocity of Digital Transformation

Increasing the Velocity of Digital Transformation

A modern microservices architecture speeds up time-to-market and improves customer service.

A leading global financial institution used Altimetrik’s domain-driven design model to turn a rigid, monolithic platform approach into one that’s driven by API and microservices. The result was an extremely scalable, multi-channel platform with far greater development, integration flexibility, and faster time to market for future product and service launches.

Additionally, engineering processes were transformed with the selection and integration of new DevOps and Cloud capabilities.

  • 5x Improved Platform Performance and Scalability
  • 44% Increase in Delivery Velocity
  • 40% Increase in Sprint Success Rate
  • 85% Reduction in Release Cycle Time

Core digital platforms transform from rigid and monolithic to scalable and custom.

Altimetrik followed a domain-driven design (DDD) model to transition to an API-driven, microservices-based architecture. This gave our financial services client an extremely scalable, multi-channel platform with far greater development and integration flexibility. Additionally, new offerings could be launched on the platform in a much shorter time.

This DDD approach allowed us to foster a close working relationship with business stakeholders, gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs, and effectively deconstruct complex business functions.

Altimetrik also transformed the client’s engineering process from a mini-waterfall SDLC process to a DevOps-enabled process by:

  • Consolidating the toolchain and standardizing the branching model
  • Implementing a common versioning model from development to production
  • Developing pipeline and infrastructure as code for CI/CD
  • Implementing pipeline definitions to manage multi-data-center deployments
  • Automating security, functional, and integration tests
  • Enabling autonomous development teams

Starting with four scrum teams, the engagement quickly expanded to include over 40 teams with 18 different areas of expertise in three locations, demonstrating Altimetrik’s ability to quickly scale to meet the demands of a complex and distributed engagement.

“We are helping a large financial institution increase resilience and improve scalability, speed to market, and ROI by leveraging our expertise in domain-driven design.”

Mohammed Farooqui

East Business Head

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