Global Automotive Leader Links Cars to E-Commerce

Global Automotive Leader Links Cars to E-Commerce

Cloud-based technology connects e-commerce companies with car owners.

An emerging need in the auto industry is the ability to link car owners with e-commerce companies to allow package delivery direct to customer vehicles. Altimetrik helped this global automotive leader build their case by developing a whitepaper on 3rd party access and security frameworks, adding a secure layer of auto connectivity for integration with the client’s cloud ecosystem, and developing a billing and subscription model to ensure a safe and consistent revenue stream.

  • 300 – 800 Monthly Amazon Prime In-Car Package Deliveries
  • 95% Reduction in Onboarding Time for 3rd Party Providers’ Access to Vehicle
  • 50%+ Improvement in Performance and 20% Reduction in Error or Retry Scenarios
  • Growing Stream of Monthly Revenue

Cloudification powers Amazon and other retailers’ direct-to-car deliveries.

Altimetrik’s subject matter expert prepared and submitted a white paper on new 3rd-party access and security frameworks for approval by the client’s cybersecurity, threat modeling, and senior architects. The whitepaper developed the vehicle scope for 3rd party access including the design and code for a security level using Azure B2C, custom policies, spring Oauth2, vin-vid mapping, and conversion of public JWT token for consumer access for their cars.

Altimetrik then designed and developed a robust platform to provide secure access for Amazon and other 3rd parties with the auto manufacturer’s vehicles. Additionally, a new secure layer of auto connectivity was integrated with the client’s cloud ecosystem.

Our team led the development of a new billing and subscription model that charges 3rd party retailers on a monthly basis. This generic subscription billing model was designed and developed to support multiple billing frameworks for both Amazon and other 3rd parties.

“Our client is moving from a hardware provider to one encompassing hardware, software, and customer experience. The mobility division has kick-started new innovation projects in areas of cybersecurity, connectivity, cloud computing, machine learning, and electric vehicle features.”

Ankur Sharma

Sr. Specialist Developer, Altimetrik

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