A Healthier Approach to the Global Food Supply

A Healthier Approach to the Global Food Supply

Realtime insights efficiently deliver food from farm to table.

Global food supply chains are not just complex. They’re also under constant pricing pressure and heavily scrutinized for both the quality of food and the ethics of sustainable production. One leading farm-to-table conglomerate needed a better way to track production, product quality, shipping, wastage, equipment productivity and sales across five continents. Altimetrik had the recipe for success.

  • 30% Improvement in On-time Deliveries
  • 45% Reduction in Routing Plan Deviations
  • 35% Higher Utilization of Space in Trucks
  • 15% Reduction in Warehouse Processing Time

A multi-pronged approach grows efficiencies.

Our analysis showed that the variety of data sources used at different locations were leading to missed opportunities across the supply chain. The dependency on multiple legacy ERP editions meant that process control across the chain was inefficient with redundant data entry and error-prone tracking methods.

To improve planning and decision-making efficiency, Altimetrik:

  • Created a unified platform that aggregates diverse information inputs into a common data pool and provides strong data governance, real-time persona-driven dashboards, descriptive analysis capabilities and advanced reporting.
  • Enabled mobility within the plant/warehouse assembly lines, thereby eliminating error-prone, paper-based processes used by machine operators and supervisors to track raw materials, raw material gradation, processed outputs, pre-dispatch quality checks and machinery operating status.

With data redundancy resolved, information disconnect eliminated and data captured at source, a clear picture of operations from field to fork emerged. This, in turn, allowed logistics optimization, accurate quality testing, seamless dispatch, transparent machine efficiency reporting, and higher capacity utilization. The company can now make its products based on the most optimal combination of profitability, resource availability and sustainability. They can now operate with more agility and speed in responding to customer needs and market demands.

“We are enabling radical transformation in process efficiencies, leveraging our strengths in Data Engineering, Analytics, Mobility and Product Engineering with a legacy ERP shop that needed Digital Transformation to compete effectively, but were unsure how to get there.”

Badhrinath Kannan

Head of Client and Industry Solutions

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