Connecting Cars and Digital Voice Assistants

Connecting Cars and Digital Voice Assistants

A global auto manufacturer connects to a cloud-enabled ecosystem.

Connecting common digital voice assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri to cars was a natural extension of their capability and a new challenge for this global auto manufacturer.

Altimetrik developed a new connectivity platform that enabled cloud-based 3rd-party voice interactions for our client’s vehicles. The project included developing voice skills for Alexa and Google, enhancing capabilities for better driving experiences, developing the framework for a new secure connectivity layer, and increasing stability on the client side.

  • Client’s First Voice-Assistant Cloud Product
  • Client’s First Platform To Allow Secure, Public-Cloud and 3rd-Party Connections
  • 50,000+ Daily Voice-to-Vehicle Commands
  • A Single Unified Platform To Support All Client Vehicles

Connecting cars to digital voice assistants drives new experiences.

Altimetrik’s team first created a white paper on new third-party access and security frameworks that was approved by the client’s cybersecurity, threat modeling, and senior architect departments. We then designed and developed that framework – adding a new secure layer for connectivity – and built the client’s cloud ecosystem.

With a new connectivity platform providing third-party cloud access to vehicles, Altimetrik worked with the client’s team to develop voice skills for Alexa and Google, enhancing controls and capabilities for better driving experiences. Once voice capabilities were developed, the team needed to create secure third-party access to the company’s ecosystem.

  • Security was added to support public calls and allow external companies like Amazon, Spiffy, Rub-A-Dub and more to send vehicle commands from their apps. The secure environment was created to allow authorization and authentication to external companies for specific functional configuration such as lock and unlock onlyget vehicle detail and location, etc.
  • Additional security was built into voice commands such as start vehicle or unlock vehicle via a PIN so that unauthorized users would not be able to unlock or start the vehicle.

The proprietary cloud ecosystem layer extended capabilities and increased stability on the vehicle side by providing a single service flow. This flow allowed the manufacturer to reach all of their vehicles – a connection which had previously been handled by different cloud teams and services.

The project allowed Altimetrik to:

  • Implement various digital voice assistant integrations with our client’s cloud ecosystem
  • Develop Google Assistant actions through client partnerships
  • Provide partnership, guidance, and training to technical teams to ensure specific vehicle commands are covered
  • Enhance the client’s competitive edge with up-to-date technology

As part of the client team, Altimetrik also contributed to possible patent applications for the technology used in this project.

“The automotive industry is rapidly changing due to technology and new methods of connectivity between drivers and their cars. Innovation projects in areas of cybersecurity, connectivity, cloud computing, machine learning, mobility, and electric vehicle features are transforming the industry. Our ability to partner with a leading global auto manufacturer on cutting edge projects and project development is exciting and rewarding. This is not the end but the beginning of a new renaissance for integrated IoT experiences for cars and their drivers.”

Ankur Sharma

SR. Specialist Developer, Altimetrik

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