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Redefining Customer Support with Generative AI 

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We have all been there, on hold for hours, navigating an unintuitive support menu, only for an agent to provide subpar service; a universal feeling pointing to how often traditional customer support is reactive. Businesses must therefore look beyond merely resolving issues after the fact. Instead, focus on enhancing the entire customer journey, from initial contact to post-purchase support. How can we revolutionize this? By optimizing solutions powered by Generative AI at the core.

The GenAI edge: How Altimetrik does it

With clearly defined documentation and processes, customers no longer need to endure the frustrations of outdated methods. Currently, Generative AI excels at processing training data and guiding human operators through complex tasks.

So, when Altimetrik set out to create Customer Support Solution (CSS), we sought to eliminate the chronic inefficiencies and impersonal interactions plaguing traditional support systems. To this end, we did not bolt Generative AI onto a traditional system. Instead, we took a bottom-up approach, embedding it across every level of the solution. This meant Generative AI became an invisible force multiplier, working seamlessly behind the scenes to empower service agents and streamline customer interactions. Some highlights:

Automate mundanities

CSS, with the power of generative AI, can help execute mundane tasks efficiently both for internal business functions as well as for customer support.

Take for instance the ability to extract data from a particular ID. While it would be a time-consuming endeavor for an agent, Altimetrik’s Intelligent Document Processor does so within seconds. Powered by Google’s Gemini Pro Vision API it extracts data with exceptional accuracy.

Alternatively, on the customer support side, imagine a customer encountering an unclear error. CSS uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo model to extract the code and generate specific troubleshooting advice – all within the support interface itself.

While seemingly incremental, these gains enable agents to manage advanced requests more effectively, resulting in a seamless end-user experience across the board.

Know end-users better

With state-of-the-art personalized product recommendation engines, CSS offers bespoke product recommendations and marketing strategies to cater to individual customer preferences and behaviors. Moreover, leveraging the Voice of X (VoX) model’s natural language processing abilities, the solution offers deep insights into overall customer sentiment, improving customer lifetime value (CLTV).

In order to keep customer churn in check, our proprietary Business Decision Engine (BDE) analyzes customer data and identifies at-risk behaviors based on historical data, predicting customer churn with exceptional accuracy. With generative AI at its core, it proactively suggests steps to prevent churn in advance.

Customizable through collaboration

CSS can unlock powerful results thanks to hours of training on high-quality data. Close collaboration with our clients ensures every aspect of their customer journey is accounted for. It guarantees that CSS integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, providing a support system that caters to their specific needs.

Our customers made it clear that a one-size-fits-all solution wouldn’t cut it/be adept enough. So, we designed CSS to be inherently flexible and adaptable regardless of the industry. Be it healthcare, finance, or retail, CSS can be customized to meet diverse demands, providing a robust and efficient customer support system that grows and evolves with the business.

Future-proofing Customer Support

While CSS is an example of the transformative power of Generative AI in customer support, the conversation must extend beyond. As compute power gets cheaper, AI will get better and the industry will continue to break new ground. Look at the leaps made from what now seems like a relatively limited GPT 3.0. But one thing will remain constant: customers demanding faster, more efficient, and superior support. In this relentless race, generative AI will be the game-changer, and those relying on bolt-on solutions will inevitably fall behind. With CSS, we are bridging this gap and steadily chipping away at the barriers that hinder exceptional, seamless customer support.

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