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Scrum Methodology: the key of our growth.

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For those who do not know Scrum, how would you explain this methodology? What are the benefits?
Scrum Methodology

Intro to Scrum: Methodology and Benefits

For those who do not know Scrum, how would you explain this methodology? What are the benefits?
Scrum is a framework based on principles that allow us to build valuable solutions in a highly collaborative environment in the shortest time possible. Scrum works not only because of metrics and meetings, but also because it considers the importance of generating an environment with high levels of transparency, focus, and respect in which the members of each team are naturally linked to achieving better and better results as time goes by.

How long has Altimetrik been working with the Scrum methodology?
Altimetrik has always focused on implementing agile methodologies that allow the development of high-value solutions as a result of a highly collaborative internal dynamic and continuous learning.

What is the quality that you value most about this methodology?
One of the most interesting features of Scrum is its constant focus on continuous improvement based on fundamental values such as commitment, respect, and focus. This improvement comes hand in hand with cumulative learning that allows any properly defined team to develop increasingly effective work and relationship dynamics.

What are the most important qualities for a Scrum Master?
There are many characteristics that can positively nurture the profile of the Scrum Master, but I believe that starting from a constructive leadership with good communication skills, creativity and the ability to adapt to changes is one of the keys.

If you have used other project management methodologies: why have not they worked? or why did they decide to change?
One of the factors that differentiate Scrum from many methodologies is that it contemplates and values ​​the quality of communication through iteration in different events as a tool to prevent possible deviations in the expected value. Then, Scrum prioritizes the result of each iterative cycle as an increase or gains in productivity, which results from self-sufficient teams with a good margin of freedom to decide among themselves and a relatively simple planning scheme.

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