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Application Onboarding to DevOps Platform made simpler and faster!

Application Onboarding to DevOps Platform made simpler and faster!

Altimetrik’s DevOps driven simplification is a unique DevOps approach that decomposes applications into smaller integrated components to increase application delivery speed and quality. One of the key principles of DevOps automation is following the “continuous” practices which include continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery/deployment and continuous monitoring, to enable the continuous improvement of the application and related practices.

Every time a new project team needs to be onboarded in an enterprise environment, every member needs access to various toolsets that enable them to work on the project. In an enterprise setup, each of these tools is managed by various vendor teams and each team will have their own SLAs for the tickets to be raised and addressed. Some of the typical problems that exist in this scenario are as follows:
1. Project onboarding takes anywhere from 5 days to a few weeks, based on the SLAs involved and the number of vendor teams involved
2. Results in project delays, which isn’t accounted for
3. This is a leakage which isn’t captured and results in overall project delays

One Click Onboarding reduces this time frame drastically from months to minutes.

By connecting to various DevOps toolsets in the backend, One-Click project onboarding solution reduces the TAT to a few minutes, specifically by bringing in DevOps driven simplification to Data platforms.

One-Click Project Onboarding helps us automate and manage application deployment, and releases processes and pipelines to achieve faster deployments and consistent quality of releases.

Proposed solution

A single window solution that on a click of a button,

will onboard the users to the right user groups, multiple applications and tools, with right level of access necessary for the Data platform development activities
enables data scientists to get their developers working in a fast-paced CI/CD model, working with data sets and baselining of data, resetting data sets to a defined baseline (before / after transformation)
Integrates with 3rd party tools that have their own code management, build / deploy process

We use value stream mapping to analyze the lead time and the process time for each step involved in onboardingacross multiple tools. We focus on reducing the slack using our unique DevOps driven simplification approach.

In order to build services that support the strategic plan to onboard projects, One-Click Onboarding Solution for new applications is built within the API framework, to interact with the APIs of various DevOps toolsets. This reduced the time for overall onboarding of engineers on to their work environments.

The application can enable:
1. GMT Integration for AD Group creation – Automation
2. Folder creation and permission mapping – Automation
3. Qlik Sense Streams Creation and permission mapping
4. Integration with GitLab (CI pipeline), JFrog Artifactory and Jenkins and user onboarding with essential permissions
5. Integration with SonarQube for Static code analysis
6. DevOps tool integration to form a CI/CD pipeline.

Business Outcome
1. Teams can be productive from day 1
2. Reduced maintenance overheads in terms of managing multiple tickets for multiple toolsets
3. Improved collaboration from day 1, since we onboard they on the enterprise default chat engines/communication channels
4. Enable seamless third-party tools integration to enable the Data Scientists to focus on their problem solving, whilst the solution does the heavy lifting of onboarding

By following Altimetrik’s DevOps Driven simplification, teams would be able to constantly optimize processes that can be automated. This will in turn reduce the time spent performing manual activities and free up bandwidth to be more creative and efficient. Automating repetitive manual tasks also reduces the probability of human error.

Click here to connect with us and see a demo of how OneClick Onboarding works!



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