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Introducing Altimetrik’s Digital Business Academy

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Digital Business Academy

Cultivating the next generation of Digital Business Practitioners

In the ever-evolving realm of modern business, the transition to a seamless digital model is now a necessity. Organizations must be able to drive their own change into digital businesses with speed, consistency, and at scale to ensure they stay ahead of their competition.

Altimetrik’s unique combination of the Digital Business Methodology (DBM) and the Digital Business Platform (DBP) enables rapid enterprise level adoption, unlocking unlimited opportunities for growth without disrupting ongoing business activity.

However, organizations worldwide are grappling with the digital skill gap, and successful adoption of the Digital Business Methodology requires bridging this skill gap effectively. According to ManpowerGroup’s 2023 Talent Shortage Survey, 77% of employers find filling roles challenging, with the most in-demand skills being in technology and data. 

In addition, the industry continues to grapple with the impacts of distributed teams and remote workers learning new skills rapidly to collaborate and deliver great digital products.

Launching Altimetrik’s Digital Business Academy

The Digital Business Academy (DBA) is designed to empower organizations to develop practitioners with the skills needed for today’s digital business landscape. It is a comprehensive offering designed to enable enterprises to successfully mature as Digital Businesses by adopting and internalizing the Digital Business Methodology.

The Academy is tailored for all organizational levels, right from the CXO leadership suite to engineering and support teams, offering crucial talent enablement, and guaranteeing efficient digital adoption across all business functions.  

Central to this program is a unified solution that focuses on the Single Source of Truth (SSOT), a trusted and well-governed source of enterprise data that provides a singular and comprehensive view of a business and its customers, driving decisions and optimizing workflows leveraging AI and ML technologies. This offering aims to create digital practitioners at scale, commencing with learning, adoption, and internalization at the enterprise level. This initiative introduces a three-pronged approach: Assessing and Bench-marking, Enabling Digital Talent, and Internalization and Continuous Evolution, facilitating a seamless, sustainable transition into the digital era.  

The Digital Business Academy will also make itself available to students through industry-academia partnerships, equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively adopt the Digital Business Methodology and leverage the Digital Business Platform, ensuring that they are ready to be productive practitioners driving the workforce of the future. This involves diverse approaches, offering students real-time scenarios, data sets, and immersive environments to comprehend the DBM and prepare for a digital career early on.

Furthermore, Altimetrik plans to establish academic credits related to this domain and a comprehensive curriculum supported by coaches who will guide and mentor the students throughout the learning process.

The Digital Business Academy has a rich array of offerings:

1. Creation of Practitioners: The DBA facilitates the development of practitioners proficient in Digital Business Methodology through virtual curriculums and personalized coaching. The program encompasses self-paced coaching, time-boxed learning journeys, essential knowledge checks, culminating in a practitioner’s challenge that results incertified industry readiness.

2. Meaningful Learning Journeys: We believe in nurturing meaningful learning journeys that align with specific roles and business scenarios. Our program incorporates Skill Index Measures, Personalized Roadmaps, Role-based Access, and in-depth Tracking and Analytics. For relevant skill areas and roles, the learning journey also incorporates use of the Digital Business Platform so that the learning is comprehensive and holistic. We ensure achievement of learning goals through AI-driven progress measures that then drive interventions and engagement culminating in certification.

3. Continuous Engagement: Organizations benefit from this only when the Digital Business Methodology and associated culture are internalized across their workforce beyond just the academy participants. The continuous engagement capabilities of the DBA drive this process of organizationalinternalization. This cuts across multiple activities including:

• Counselling and supporting participants to help them adopt the methodology within their organization construct

• Measuring the impacts created by the methodology and helping them evangelize the same

• Giving the option to maintain access to the Digital Business Platform within their own environment

• Helping them evolve into culture champions who drive the adoption of the Digital Business Methodology at scale within their organization.

The DBA unifies Capability Centers, Learning Platforms, Human Journeys and Engineering Infrastructure all under oneecosystem.

The path of progress

At the organizational level, we conduct in-depth analyses to identify and benchmark the current practice and identify a target state that is most appropriate to address their Digital Business needs. While doing this analysis, we also look at how the target state can fit into existing organizational structures, skill areas and career architectures.

On an individual level, we recognize the dynamic nature of skill sets with our Skill Index Measures and leverage AI to tailor individually personalized learning pathways.

Final Thoughts

The learning platform within DBA addresses individual gapsthrough role-based access, assignment of the right coaches, continuously monitoring progress and updating skill-index measures to ensure that individuals follow the curriculum that’s right for them and their organizations.

Organizations (and individuals) can choose their own pathways and timelines to success, with certification processes including knowledge-check assessments and the ability to apply this knowledge in the real-world. Through tracking and analytics, business leaders also gain insights into where their employeesstand in their DBA journeys.

The Digital Business Academy transcends traditional education, serving as a catalyst for significant change. It empowers organizations to embark on a journey, guided by the principles of DBM enabling their change into a Digital Business.

It’s not merely about acquiring knowledge; it’s about creating a cohort of digital practitioners and driving the future of the business.

Join us on this compelling journey towards digital leadership—one step at a time, one skill at a time, one digital business practitioner at a time. Together, we’re shaping the future of business in the digital age.

Stay tuned for more.

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