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DevOps – Your Friend in Need

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Many years back, I had been to a vivacious party. The atmosphere was perky, zestful, and very animated...
DevOps Needs

Rediscovering Connections: Navigating Social Needs in Isolation

Many years back, I had been to a vivacious party.
The atmosphere was perky, zestful, and very animated.
I saw an old friend of mine. She was sitting at a corner and chatting away rather soberly with a closed group of pals while sipping on a cocktail.
We exchanged pleasantries. She wanted to talk but I walked past.
I wasn’t at the party to meet her for she knew me too well.
I wanted to make new friends. I wanted to soak in the vibes and feast on new connections with people I had never known.
The party lasted several hours and I remember returning home with renewed energy and a newfound zest for life.
Several years later, I found myself in the corner of my smallish workroom – yearning for a company – preferably from someone, I had known for a long time. The many months of working from home with no physical interaction with anyone outside of my small family had taken a toll on my social needs.
I rang my friend who I had ignored at the party.
Kind as she always is, she picked up my call and we spoke for a long time. It was a good talk.
It quenched my thirst for communal conversation, chit-chat, and a gabfest.

For many companies, DevOps is that friend.

DevOps digital transformation

DevOps digital transformation

DevOps is someone most of us have known for a very long time but whose potential we never fully utilized.

With the pandemic and remote working becoming the new norm, challenges with syncing, organizing, automating, and adapting are inescapable and expected to only grow exponentially in the future.
DevOps is, dare I say, the single biggest agent that fills all the missing pieces of this convoluted puzzle.
The panacea, if you will.
DevOps is resilient and made for remote operations, by design.
Contrary to popular predisposition, DevOps is not just a set of tools – it is a journey that digital businesses must embark on if they want to automate (who doesn’t?!) and reduce the clutter at every step of the product development.

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At Altimetrik, our DevOps services are two-fold.
One, we enable our engineers by offering the best-in-class courses and certifications in the DevOps and Cloud Engineering space.
Two, we pilot the digital transformation of our customers through unsurpassed DevOps services that pivot on simplicity and event-oriented.
The COVID-19 crisis will pass, but the way companies across the world work will, in all likelihood, never go back to pre-covid days.

Many organizations will end up deciding there are more merits to remote working than renting an office space.
People will get through this, and DevOps will be there, holding our hands and enriching our lives all along.

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