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User Experience Design

Any Device Computing

Anywhere Computing

Design to Deployment

Enterprise Business Value

Transforming businesses

Altimetrik will work with you in setting up an environment that is customized to your enterprise; to enable the tools, frameworks and Techno domain expertise in order for you to deploy your ideas faster in the market.

Our expertise lies in leveraging our agile methodology and creating reusable prototypes in 30-60-90 days, helping bring your ideas to your customers in a very short time.


Altimetrik is a Business Transformation and Technology Solutions Partner to Global Enterprise Customers in the areas of Digital, Connected Solutions, Consumer Technologies and Enterprise Integration.

Delivering Innovation as part of the partnership promise, we partner with our customers to transform their IT and Business capabilities to address the above trends proactively, while accelerating the solution delivery with a unique Idea-2-Deploy Methodology.

We strongly believe that experience-led consumer behavior will lead the way in the future transformation of businesses and are investing heavily in researching and building solutions and capabilities which are likely to catalyze this transformation. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan (USA), we are building a rapidly growing global workforce of high-caliber talent across our development locations in New York City, Bangalore (India), Chennai (India) and Montevideo (Uruguay).



Adaptive Development Framework helps you build multi-platform apps derived from a common markup stack (HTML, CSS, JS, JSON) that drives the UVX (User Experience and Visual Design).


Distribute Interactive content to Mobile devices seamlessly with a powerful set of of tools, mobile apps and API services with impressive and engaging end-user features.


Integrated prototyping environment uses our Framework of Interaction Mechanics (FIM) to prototype user experiences for enterprise applications and functions.


Our enterprise set of connectors, AltiShell Framework, takes care of enterprise data integration using a modular data source model with great integration features.


Our Dynamic Design Process creates ever-evolving storyboards that specify user and action flows and also provide a reusable boilerplate structure for the app development stage.


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