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Your New Testing Schedule?

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Your New Testing Schedule?

PTaaS – Penetration Testing as a Service. Find your security weaknesses with continuous penetration testing from Altimetrik to protect your infrastructure, IT systems, and applications.
Why Always-on (or Continuous) Pen Testing?
Cyberattacks occur more frequently and are more sophisticated. That means the old practice of annual penetration testing is practically obsolete. And it’s why more and more businesses are turning to Altimetrik PTaaS to protect their data and uncover potentially dangerous weaknesses in their systems.
What is Altimetrik PTaaS?
Altimetrik PTaaS uses continuous penetration testing and advanced vulnerability assessments to deliver reliable compliance services. Altimetrik uses government-grade exploits in its PTaaS and scans on a continuous cycle, keeping an active eye on possible threats and system vulnerabilities.

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