Snapshot: A new data ecosystem puts this global apparel leader on the runway to success.

Transforming data and digital-marketing ecosystems helped this global apparel retailer accurately forecast fashion trends, sell inventory, reduce product waste and improve the efficacy of marketing efforts.

Fast Facts

60% reduction in unsold inventory

55% reduction in end-to-end fashion cycle

30% better ROI in customer acquisition spend

1 week ramp-up for seed team of data engineers & scientists

Deep Dive: A data-driven, information-centric transformation reduces waste and re-energizes marketing efforts.

This global apparel leader had a handful of goals: improve revenue per dollar of marketing spend, raise effectiveness of cross- and up-sell campaigns, shorten production timelines, utilize customer insights for co-creation, reduce product waste, and increase sold inventory with accurate insights to fashion trends.

As a transformation partner, Altimetrik identified improvement opportunities for data collection, storage, and tracking from disconnected points across the customer and product production journey.

Altimetrik also identified several missing pieces within the Digital Marketing ecosystem and in the management of the Cloud Data Platform that were causing inefficiencies and gaps in data collection and quality.

Altimetrik recommended investing in specific tools and technologies to help transform the work process. Altimetrik’s end-to-end solution leveraged analytics and data science (with inputs including social and consumer insights, fashion cycle analysis, and supply chain efficiencies) to effectively predict fashion trends and consumer preferences—ensuring that the production cycle is shortened through an optimal supply chain.

Ryan Talbott

Chief Transformation Officer, U.S. Midwest & Europe

This project leveraged Altimetrik’s expertise in agile engineering capabilities, data engineering, and advanced analytics expertise, as well as our knowledge of modern platforms to positively drive business outcomes.

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