Talent Imperatives for a Digital World

2018 – this year the century turns adult. We have reached a time when the dynamics of the world’s decision makers, influencers, and consumers are set to change entirely, driven by the millennial mindset.I have seen the software industry for over 4 decades. And I believe that …

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AI and jobs of the future (what jobs will be a part and what will get redundant)

Technology has made an undeniable impact on the way that we function day to day. We have the power of the internet in our pockets and we’ve made multiple innovations possible through modern era computing power.Some of the greatest concerns that many people have these days is that of complete automation. This could have …

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The World Belongs to an Emerging Generation of “Futurists”

Technologists are our craftsmen of the future. They have a huge responsibility in shaping our future, as they are the enablers, the creators and the problem-solvers. Look at any company today. Every business is powered, driven and strengthened by technology. What is a Paypal …

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