How do I engage
the next wave of Business Transformation?

Let's (Re)Imagine the Future

Where Software Development is Connected, Contextual and Cognitive.

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In the Next Wave of Business Transformation,
amazing results happen when Software Development takes a game-changing turn

Business Driven Technology Design

unique capability centers

Unified Business & Technology Teams

Multi-faceted Skills

Complementary Engagement Model

Built on the principles of Design-Thinking and Design-Led Engineering,
It is Engineered and Assembled.

Early visualization and validation

User Experience


Front End Teams

Prototype Lab Prototype Lab
Developement & Integration Development & Integration
Automated Testing Automated Testing
Deployable Application Deployable Application
Industry Specific Capability Centers
Multi-faceted, small & unified teams
Target User
Mockups Reusable

The journey begins here


Early Visualization Driven by Design Thinking

Where business and behavior is mapped, and the target user experience is visualized and defined.


Design-led Engineering that is Robust and Reusable

Identify or create reusable components apt for engineering the solution. Factor in high-level architecture and design. Make solution specific engineering components that are ready for assembly.


Pieces of the Puzzle come into Perspective

All components built for the solution come together. They are assembled keeping the ultimate design and user experience in mind. And pushed into quality engineering and end-to-end testing, alongside creation of training material and user modules.


Where the solution comes to life

And, the business is ready to experience
  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Consistency
  • Enriched Experiences

Built on the foundations of outcome-driven, multi-skilled, unified business and technology teams, powered by the Capability Centers.

Design OPS
UXD & Prototype
App Dev & Integration
Data & Visualization
Automation & QE

With this new methodology, your business will gain access to

  • 4-step simplified SDLC
  • 5 future-ready, customer-centric Capability Centers
  • 2-3 weeks tangible iterations, increasing solution visibility
  • 60% reduction in team size with high-calibre integrated skills
  • 50% reduction in silos due to integrated SDLC
  • 40% increase in productivity

Amazing Results For Some of Our Customers

Medical Medical Equipment Provider
  • Transformation to a Connected Care Management Platform @ 70% of original budget
Telecom Telecom Service Provider
  • 50% reduction in time to market with 20+ components delivered for future projects
Multi-level Direct Multi-level Direct
Marketing Leader
  • Concept of Micro-services engineered for performance, security, scalability
Telecom Enterprise IT & Collaboration Platform
  • At 62% of estimated cost, time to market from 12 to 8 months, 75+ reusable components
Telecom Global Financial Leader
  • 60% reduction in Idea2Deploy lifecycle, 30% productivity hike and 40% reduction in cost