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We deliver outcomes for your business by curating digital solutions that are planned and executed by our practitioners ensuring minimal disruption.

At the heart of all that we do is the Digital Business Methodology (DBM) – the proven pathway to unlocking the power of digital business.


Centered on the DBM, our mission is to build a collaborative digital culture that leverages a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), enabling simplification and innovation leading to greater organizational speed, scale, and consistency.
The Digital Business approach allows business to take the ownership to achieve outcome-driven, incremental growth through a combination of digital business methodology (DBM) and digital business platform (DBP), fostering agility, collaboration, simplified workflows, and strict governance for compliance and security.
Data democratization via a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) and AI Engine creates key insights. This rearchitecting enables enterprises to create a new operating model that empowers innovation and growth.

Focused on business outcomes.

Business ownership and engagement.

Incremental and bite-sized approach.

Leverage data for smarter decisions.

Product engineering approach creating reusable digital assets.

Create a culture of collaboration and innovation.

In today’s tech-celerated world with more tools, more data, more AI, businesses are under pressure to stay always on and ahead. Traditional processes, monolithic architectures, heavy legacy infrastructure – these have become dead weight. Enterprises need to be agile, digitally empowered, and dominate with data.


Digital Enablement Practice

We prepare the entire spectrum of your organization for digital success.
Over 80% of transformation initiatives fail to meet their expected results because of:
We help our clients internalize the power of modern delivery frameworks, intelligent dynamic pipelines, embedded quality, and security controls, and optimize and automate operational tasks to fuel digital growth.

Data & Analytics

Data democratization via a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) and AI/ML lets an enterprise get complete control over all their structured and unstructured data and get valuable insights. This rearchitecting enables enterprises to create a new operating model that empowers innovation and growth.
Driven further with analytics and accelerators that can potentially reduce your time-to-value by 60% while arriving at a solution highly tuned to the specific business problem or need. As per Mckinsey research, companies that use advanced analytics outperform their peers in revenue growth and profitability.

Product & Platform

We bring in Domain Driven Design led by practitioners with deep domain expertise who work with your business to understand your idea or challenge, develop the product or solution roadmap, and get to market with speed, scale and agility.
From idea or problem discovery to the engineering roadmap covering the key digital aspects of DevOps, Security, Data, Compliance, etc. – the entire process can be delivered through an Enterprise Digital Platform, while you start to see results incrementally.

The Salesforce Advantage

With a decade-long partnership as a trusted Salesforce Partner, Altimetrik collaborates with Salesforce in the realm of product engineering, supporting end customers on their digital transformation path. Our team of certified Salesforce practitioners, spread globally, possesses extensive knowledge in implementing customer-focused Salesforce Solutions, MuleSoft API Integrations, and Tableau CRM solutions, all aimed at enhancing the customer’s comprehensive experience. We assist our clients in consolidating customer data, utilizing AI-driven insights, and implementing real-time automation through an Agile approach. This results in the integration of AI, Data, and CRM value streams for all our customers, elevating their business potential.


Digital business adoption is made easy through a cloud-based digital business platform (DBP) that enables a single source of truth (SSOT). This helps organizations unlock new revenue streams, improve customer engagement, optimize internal operations, reduce costs, and increase agility.