Playground is our way of thinking, doing and executing. It’s the power of our people, technology and philosophy, and it’s the catalyst for digital transformation.


Altimetrik’s Playground is a uniquely agile digital approach designed to envision, prototype and deliver ideas with speed and agility. We collaborate with companies to quickly bring ideas to life with plug-and-play components that integrate into existing platforms. It’s a friction-free approach designed to seamlessly deliver amazing speed to market.

Friction-Free Operations

Simplify operations and automate workflows, freeing teams to focus on customer needs.

  • Design-Led Engineering
  • Optimized Operations & Workflows
  • Outcome Driven Agile Workplace Teams
  • Effective Data & Analytics
  • Competency Centers, UI/UX, Engineering, Data, DevOps & New Technology Assets

Collaborative Culture

Empower employees to leverage learning and insights across the enterprise and build collaborative gravity.

  • Enterprise Scale Collaboration
  • Talent Assessments & Employee Empowerment
  • Knowledge Sharing & Community Participation
  • Empowered Delivery Agility
  • Unified Teams
  • Design-Led Thinking

Agile Innovation

Enable business & tech collaboration to fuel a robust and responsive innovation pipeline.

  • Rapid Proof of Concept & Launch
  • Connected Customer Experiences
  • Customer Insights & Feedback
  • Robust Test & Learn Process
  • Speedy & Flexible Innovation
  • Refined Business Models Driven by Customer Intel

Enabled Ecosystem

Accelerate innovation and deliver customer experiences that drive revenue.

  • Nimble Development & Prototyping
  • Reusable Microservices
  • Scaled Capability Through Open APIs + Cloud
  • Secure, Compliant, Flexible Platforms
  • Customer Insights through Effective Data
  • Outcome-Driven Engineering & Prototyping
  • Governance for Creating & Consuming Services

Components: People + Platform + Places + Process

Collaboration and flexibility are at the core of Playground, and our four core components – proven people, dynamic platform, flexible places and powerful process – catalyze digital transformation and deliver positive bottom-line impact.


Great people make great teams. Great teams make great advances. Our technology, visioneering and project management pros work closely with client teams to empower enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing, sowing the seeds for cultural change.



Our platform is built for speed – constructed on proven tech foundations that can agilely adapt with scale to leverage the technologies, people and assets that drive continuous innovation.


With both brick-and-mortar spaces and virtual places that crisscross and connect teams down the hall or around the globe, we enable creative and collaborative acceleration to change vision into reality.


Our processes are built on the concept of elevating and empowering collaboration. Simplified operations, automated workflows and unified teams allow businesses to focus on what customers value – simple, effective, convenient and emotional experiences.