Platforms Powering Possibilities

Transformation-first enterprises are always pursuing ambitious missions – be it continuously renovating existing processes, adopting novel business models, designing superior experiences, exploring greater channel collaboration, or for that matter, taking on a world changing invention!

Such tall missions are often underpinned by well-timed and meaningful technology interventions. However, development from scratch, siloed processes, slower deployments, integration challenges are some of the bitter enterprise realities, slowing them down.

Altimetrik’s digital enablement platforms are what transformation-first enterprises need to conquer technology hurdles and stay invested in taller business opportunities.

By abstracting technology complexities and offering holistic capabilities supported by agility and re-usability, our global platforms are offering enterprises a non-linear advantage in the digital era. Altimetrik’s indigenous platforms are carefully designed to deliver remarkable speed, precision and dynamism required to wire up advanced business possibilities.

From dynamic design & integrated prototyping to rapid application development, continuous quality engineering to enterprise cloud capabilities, operational intelligence to insights driven remote management, our platforms are enabling enterprises to define the “next” of their respective industries, while staying in complete control of their transformation journey.

Many forward looking enterprises going platform-first with us are witnessing non-linear outcomes in aspects of time to market, agility, effort and productivity – all of which offer them a clear competitive advantage in global markets.

Key capabilities offered by our platforms include:

Experience & Design

For rapid conceptualization, design and development of cutting edge user experiences, enabling conceptualization to delivery in minutes

Channel Engineering

To engineer and integrate experiences into channels, leveraging full capabilities of edge devices for optimal experience (edge device specific integration, IoT device integration)

API & Container Enablement

For enabling rapid modelling, creation and delivery of highly available and scalable services

Insight & Decisions

To harvest, manage, model and derive actionable insights from data, enable rules-based machine learning, conversational as well as cognitive modelling and analytics

Design Ops

For enabling continuous conceptualization, engineering, validation and delivery of solutions; enables productivity solutions and containerization