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Your outcomes are our focus. Our solutions enable the rapid launch of new products and services that boost revenue, improve margins, and deliver what customers value - simple, effective experiences.

An approach that gets results

Business and engineering teams collaborate and take an end-to-end perspective to deliver bite-sized outcomes with speed. It’s a combination of bringing the right talent, creating a digital culture, and leveraging a self-service business digital platform.

Business practitioners

A business lens with an end-to-end perspective

Technology practitioners

An engineering approach to create reusable digital assets

Rare blend of talent

Convergence between the business and technology to create the roadmaps for growth

Agile and collaborative

Breaking down silos to move faster

End-to-end perspective

Business and technology converge to accelerate outcomes

Business led approach

Business ownership leads strategy and innovation

Business digital platform

Agile engineering and end-to-end orchestration in the cloud

Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

A singular, comprehensive business and customer view


Compliant and secure processes across the enterprise

Accelerate business growth

Enable growth through digital business without disrupting existing business. Realize outcomes faster, be more profitable, and create a competitive advantage in the market. Leverage technology and data to transform and create new business models that are more agile and responsive to change.

“Digital business is about producing effective outcomes quickly and incrementally, it is focused on establishing an end-to-end collaborative environment across business and technology to create scalable solutions.”

Raj B. Vattikuti
Executive Chairman

Modernize technology

In today’s “tech-celerated” business world, keeping pace with changing trends and technologies is essential. Enterprises need modularization with open architecture for flexibility, scalability, and continuity. Digital products developed on such platforms can more easily be modified, recompiled, updated, and upgraded than with traditional monolithic architectures. These platforms promote the reuse of components in the codebase that enable enterprises to quickly develop products that scale.


Make smarter, faster decisions with data

Data gathered from across the enterprise and orchestrated into a single source of truth (SSOT) empowering business and technology collaboration to make decisions and build new digital products faster. Our practitioners start by digitizing the data and simplifying end-to-end workflows in bite-sized pieces that converge into an SSOT.


Modern experiences, intuitive journeys

Prototype-driven human centric design and cloud native capabilities built on modern platforms. A proven approach for building award winning omni-channel apps with faster time to market.


Build new business models

Drive transformation and build businesses by bringing together the capabilities organizations need to grow and thrive in the digital age. Internalize the power of modern delivery frameworks, intelligent dynamic pipelines, embedded quality, and security controls, and optimize and automate operational tasks to fuel digital growth.

Group 2175

Unlimited opportunity

Digital business drives growth and profitability without disruption to the business. A Single Source of Truth (SSOT) provides insights for new ideas and effective operations. Innovation creates a culture of experimentation and the ability to create new digital products with speed.


"We at Konica Minolta Digital R&D are running ecosystem and platform program to help Konica Minolta develop a digital partner ecosystem and innovative business models for future growth. Altimetrik team is providing us with their enterprise and business architecture services. Altimetrik brings in relevant experience in this area along with their quality of people and advice. The team has been instrumental in helping us achieve our program goals.”

Omkar Pathak

Konica Minolta

Ready to Unlock Your Enterprise's Full Potential?

Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs: Modify trials based on interim results for faster identification of effective drugs.Identify effective drugs faster with data analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze interim trial results and modify.
Real-World Evidence (RWE) Integration: Supplement trial data with real-world insights for drug effectiveness and safety.Supplement trial data with real-world insights for drug effectiveness and safety.
Biomarker Identification and Validation: Validate biomarkers predicting treatment response for targeted therapies.Utilize bioinformatics and computational biology to validate biomarkers predicting treatment response for targeted therapies.
Collaborative Clinical Research Networks: Establish networks for better patient recruitment and data sharing.Leverage cloud-based platforms and collaborative software to establish networks for better patient recruitment and data sharing.
Master Protocols and Basket Trials: Evaluate multiple drugs in one trial for efficient drug development.Implement electronic data capture systems and digital platforms to efficiently manage and evaluate multiple drugs or drug combinations within a single trial, enabling more streamlined drug development
Remote and Decentralized Trials: Embrace virtual trials for broader patient participation.Embrace telemedicine, virtual monitoring, and digital health tools to conduct remote and decentralized trials, allowing patients to participate from home and reducing the need for frequent in-person visits
Patient-Centric Trials: Design trials with patient needs in mind for better recruitment and retention.Develop patient-centric mobile apps and web portals that provide trial information, virtual support groups, and patient-reported outcome tracking to enhance patient engagement, recruitment, and retention
Regulatory Engagement and Expedited Review Pathways: Engage regulators early for faster approvals.Utilize digital communication tools to engage regulatory agencies early in the drug development process, enabling faster feedback and exploration of expedited review pathways for accelerated approvals
Companion Diagnostics Development: Develop diagnostics for targeted recruitment and personalized treatment.Implement bioinformatics and genomics technologies to develop companion diagnostics that can identify patient subpopulations likely to benefit from the drug, aiding in targeted recruitment and personalized treatment
Data Standardization and Interoperability: Ensure seamless data exchange among research sites.Utilize interoperable electronic health record systems and health data standards to ensure seamless data exchange among different research sites, promoting efficient data aggregation and analysis
Use of AI and Predictive Analytics: Apply AI for drug candidate identification and data analysis.Leverage AI algorithms and predictive analytics to analyze large datasets, identify potential drug candidates, optimize trial designs, and predict treatment outcomes, accelerating the drug development process
R&D Investments: Improve the drug or expand indicationsUtilize computational modelling and simulation techniques to accelerate drug discovery and optimize drug development processes