Lightning is Transformational!

Salesforce Lightning has naturally transformed sales processes to be faster and lighter, delivering smoother conversions.

We have seen it make real impact on:




Bottom Line

Think Lightning? Think Zeus.

Developed at the Altimetrik Lightning Centre of Excellence – Zeus is a robust, applicable and powerful migration platform that can make the Lightning migration process a cakewalk.

What makes Zeus so powerful?

It is built by people with years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

We are one of the first few partners to develop Lightning components

It assimilates learning and experiences from several cross-industry migration projects.

In Einstein we trust.

When Salesforce does AI, they do it keeping ultimate business outcomes in mind. We think, the potential that Salesforce Einstein has in expediting business decisions is immense – we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg for now.

On the lab table:

We are working on finding innovative methods to take the Einstein experience to our customers and deliver great results. Stay tuned for more…

We have been accelerating Salesforce for a while now.

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Sales Cloud

  • Service Cloud

As one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, joining the Salesforce bandwagon is a massive advantage for anybody who means business.

Altimetrik, a player in the digital space, helps businesses achieve their transformation goals in the simplest possible ways. And we do this through an intelligent mix of strategic solutioning, optimum consultancy and a design-led engineering approach.

Technically, we have spent almost a decade with Salesforce, and our developers are now veterans on the platform. Our partnership with Salesforce has set a proven track record in helping businesses get on the digital highway, while making the effort seem like a breeze.

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