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Engineer KPIs

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Following an outcome-centric approach where business KPIs are drilled down to specific IoT parameters, we simplify IoT solutions for businesses, right from outcomes aligned to simple event processing (with alerts and visualization to aid decision making) to complex predictive analytics.

The Science behind it

We add a layer of sensing, connectivity and intelligence to your enterprise assets so you can reap IoT enabled business outcomes

Actionable Intelligence

  • Real-time operational data-driven insights
  • New business/service models and cross industry opportunities
  • Feedback for product R&D
  • Better revenue opportunities

Enhanced User Experience

  • Consumer user experience
  • Multi-channel experience
  • User engagement insights
  • Human/machine interaction

Our solution combines the power of legacy enterprise systems with real-time operational intelligence to produce precise enterprise insights for proactive planning and smarter decision making.


We strengthen the value chain to tip the scales in your favor by leveraging operational intelligence

Latent in every element of an organization, operational intelligence creates a closed loop feedback for enterprises to understand their environment completely, to pre-empt uncertainties, identify newer opportunities, improve performance testing, reduce costs and define rich, contextual experiences.

  • Solutions
  • Industries
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring & Management

Aims to improve customer experience by providing predictive support, reduce inventory, lower planning costs, and increase revenue through value added services.

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It’s the key to improve efficiency and optimize costs by reducing or eliminating physical on-site support, and ensure access to data-driven operational audits that aid in failures and legal scenarios.

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  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Finance

From connected industrial predicting their failures to optimizing an automobile manufacturing assembly line, we are making IoT real for Hi-Tech manufacturing businesses.

From real-time monitoring of healthcare equipment to capturing critical patient data, from clinical devices and connecting patients to physicians as well as care providers, we are making IoT real in the healthcare industry.

By providing end-to-end frictionless digital banking experience from automated ATMs, intelligent branch banking to payments through things and cars, we are making IoT real in the financial services industry.

why altimetrik

We strengthen the value chain to tip the scales in your favor by leveraging operational intelligence

Altimetrik works in tandem with enterprises on strategic initiatives, hand-holding them through the entire transformation journey, using principles of business outcome engineering and value engineering. We help build digital business platforms based on human-centered designs, agile approaches and continuous innovation and delivery.

Partner Ecosystem
The Altimetrik Edge
Our IoT partner ecosystem brings in a consortium of cutting-edge capabilities.
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