Creating delightful

Integrated Prototyping Environment

At the heart of every business innovation lies the quest to improve user experience – a factor that differentiates a solution from other similar offerings and places it a notch above or below them. A robust platform that guarantees exceptional user experience, thus, is key to the success of enterprise functions and applications. For a user, a complete transaction is the summation of small, connected, short-lived engagements across various touch points over a period, where the ease, speed and continuity of each of these interactions determine the impact it has on the user.

There are a hundred little details that need considering while creating application frameworks to suit the needs of your business. And each of those specifications need to be altered ever so slightly during those endless iterations made in pursuit of creating the perfect framework.

Incubating ideas till they metamorphose into well-laid out practical concepts, the Integrated Prototyping Environment (IPE), can help businesses design and prototype the target user experience for enterprise applications and functions using an interactive and prototype-factory approach. Apart from promoting re-use of experience and prototype patterns and accelerating the design-to-deployment cycle, FIM (Framework of Interaction Mechanics) powered IPE can also monitor different user interaction points mapped to contexts, devices, connectivity and other semantic variations.