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Information Security

Security Solutions to Keep Up with Your Digital Growth.
The more digital you become, the higher are security threats to your business. We give you the best defense with a robust set of security solutions to minimize risk and let you grow the business in peace.


Security Assessment Services

From email phishing to ransomware operations, security threats are on the rise. Our Security Assessment Service offers a set of solutions to assess your organization’s security posture and provide a tailored response to your needs.


Scale Your Security Team Virtually

Altimetrik Virtual CISO (vCISO) is a service designed to make top-tier security analysts available to your organization for security expertise and guidance. Our team of experts has decades of experience building information security programs that work WITH your business objectives and show measurable improvements to your security posture.

From assessment to planning, to deploying, simulation and training, vCISO is your virtual security team of experts to keep your company safe anytime, anywhere.


Smart Security with Low Investment

Get access to sophisticated tools, complex models, and experienced talent anywhere anytime with minimal investment. Get a comprehensive report uncovering vulnerabilities and learn from our lead penetration testers on remediation plans and security maturity.

Maintaining a full-time security team can be a big ticket on your budget that can be cut down without compromising on security.




Modelled on the MITRE ATT&CK methodology

Altimetrik Penetration Testing is performed using automated and manual tools to identify various areas of exposure in servers, web applications, APIs, cloud instances, endpoints, wireless networks, and other IoT networking devices.

If the simulated attacks are successful during the process, testers will try to exploit other internal resources to gain access to classified information. This will measure the security posture maturity and efficiency of the defence mechanisms, and calculate the risk if these mechanisms are breached.

A detailed report is generated with the appropriate customer-centric guidance to recreate the test and remediation steps to resolve the identified vulnerabilities. Sprints are then set up to close all the issues identified based on risk starting from high to low-risk vulnerabilities.

Security Training

Do Your Own Security!

Entrench your teams in security practices with our comprehensive training program that not only makes them aware of company policies and procedures, but also respond with confidence when faced with a potential threat. Equip your organization, teams, and developers with the Security Analyst Training and OWASP Top 10, and tailored simulations to defend against cyber-attacks.

Security Analyst Training – Start the journey in cyber security, irrespective of their experience or background with a baseline to learn and explore the path of a cyber security analyst.

OWASP Top 10 – Best suited for those developing applications and building enterprise environments. The course offers the most important guidelines for building and maintaining secure software and better security practices. Understanding these vulnerabilities can lead to a more secure environment when it comes to protecting your business.

At Altimetrik, we compiled several exercises that help your team take a hands-on approach to the most common vulnerabilities reported by OWASP.

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