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Embracing our future: Innovate to transform the world

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Embracing our future: Innovate to transform the world

Innovation is the need of the hour. Across industries, domains and boundaries, there is a drive to transform the way we live our lives and enterprises do business. Considering the changing industry scenarios, technology landscape, and expectations around faster execution, better experience and cost-effectiveness, doing things in the traditional way is no longer an option. In the business world, innovation has emerged as a strategic tool that creates disruptive transformation. This disruption is expected to give companies an edge in penetrating markets faster, attracting customers with innovative business models, simplifying the overall customer experience and enabling the business to flourish.

Today, organizations are investing heavily on innovation as a catalyst for developing new business models, processes, tools and technologies, market opportunities, digital talents, etc. But using innovation as a catalyst is only possible if an organization has the right combination of talent, culture and mindset. Innovation not just goes beyond inventing new business models or identifying new ways of doing things, it is also a way to immerse employees in the overall experience of entrepreneurship – induce thinking and building the mindset, confidence and risk-taking to take an idea through implementation. While conducting fast-cycle experiments and prototyping are the keys to success, in developing an “innovative” organizational culture, leadership must encourage risk-taking and be tolerant of failure.

At Altimetrik, we believe in strengthening our culture, enhancing innovative capabilities, and developing concepts with speed and agility. The Office of Innovation has developed a strategy to focus on providing this ecosystem for employees (our “digital talent”) as a way to think, innovate disruptive business solutions and help clients in their digital transformation journeys.

Creating a learning culture is a top priority for us, enabling our digital talent to cultivate new capabilities and new concepts. “Learning” and “Sharing” are the two key cultural aspects we encourage and practice. Hence, Altimetrik has launched a Transformation Platform in Digital Playgroundour digital talent engagement and development platform, for the digital talent to explore, learn, and continuously upskill themselves to keep up with the industry trends. We have a tech-talk platform, Think Thursdays, for our digital talent to participate and share their knowledge with a wider audience. Similarly, we have a platform for industry experts to share their experiences with our digital talent about the happenings around specific topics and industries.

With an aim to build the capability for the future, Altimetrik has also provided digital talent with experience in emerging trends and practices like Product Engineering, Data & Analytics, and Cloud & DevOps. We have highly talented and energized core teams which continuously brainstorm and socialize internally to build the capabilities around talenttechnology and process. The Product Engineering Environmentas part of Digital Playground, provides our digital talent with the platform to explore, do technical proofs of concepts and start building the technology capability for the organization. To enhance the overall learning outreach, we have launched various industry connect programs, DCult Club, where our digital talent, leaders and industry delegates participate to exchange ideas, share learnings, collaborate with a wider ecosystem and enhance our overall capabilities as a thought leader.

To build new concepts and differentiate Altimetrik as one of the top innovative companies in the world, we are committed to providing our digital talent the ecosystem for them to think, collaborate and innovate. We have launched the overall innovation ecosystem, Innovation Labas the platform for all of our digital talent and Millennials to collaborate and innovate. The Innovation Lab allows anyone to share their ideas, develop product prototypes or technical proofs of concepts, build business solutions, develop commercial models, get expert advice and publish ideas to the Altimetrik Innovation Library, a repository of novel innovations in the form of patentable ideas, products, platforms or a reusable digital asset.

Building a culture of open innovation is a movement, and, to make it successful, digital talent needs to be given the opportunity to experiment, lead, and learn. Many companies aspire to change the world, but few have the elements required that we have at Altimetrik. We recently celebrated our annual “Alchemize” day, with the theme of “Innovation & Transformation” which reflects our commitment to celebrate our success and build the foundation for the future.

Let’s innovate and transform the world!

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