Evolution of Exploratory Testing

The term “Exploratory Testing” evolved in the past years, software testing experts nowadays discuss the changes in its conception and evolution.


Starting on November we are going to be able to compile iPad apps into Mac. By only clicking a checkbox on XCode developers will be able to transform an iPad app into a Mac app.

Making it Real with Machine Learning

I recently wrote a post on the reality of Digital Transformation on LinkedIn. While the response was great, one of the important pieces of feedback was to make it a bit more real using a business use case.

Building Lasting Transformation

In my previous blog, I spoke of how transformation is not a revolution, but an evolutionary journey for enterprises. From my observations, I see that while organizations these days are able to …

How to be Agile with Distributed Teams – Challenges & Strategies

Agile software development has been in the industry for some time now. It has gained immense popularity with its various methodologies like Scrum, XP, TDD, Lean etc. to deliver minimum viable product at a short iteration while keeping changes in client’s necessities on top priority. It was primarily conceptualized for execution by a co-located project …

The future of payments in the age of data and cryptocurrency

Payments is one of the fastest growing areas in fin-tech and in distributed technology as well. Many scientists, engineers and regulatory bodies are trying to crack the code of more consumer-friendly payments. You can login to a device, provide your information and details, and a whole set of computing machines are able to help you …