Safer Internet Day 2020

As world economies are maturing in terms of internet adoption, more and more people are privy to the new digital experience. Low-cost data rates, mobile penetration and widespread smartphone adoption catalyze internet adoption.

Why your great idea didn’t ever see the light!

Last week I bought a new Cup and Saucer set for our kitchen. When it arrived, my mom unpacked it, had a look at it for a couple of minutes and then packed it back only to keep it locked in the shelf.

Journey of the Future Shopper

Retailers have left behind the traditional five P’s of marketing approach and are beginning to revamp their marketing models to satisfy the new-age customer.

Design Thinking – The Path to Innovation

When we truly show the willingness to understand the customers’ problems by empathising with them, we step into the exciting world of innovation and creative solutions!

Salesforce: a Developer perspective

When an engineer is required to work on the Salesforce Platform, a typical reaction is a mixture of dread and confusion as to what Salesforce actually is. Historically, only Sharepoint development has a worse reputation as numerous Stack Overflow Surveys show.