2020 CIO 100 Winners

Altimetrik was named one of CIO 100 IT organizations for driving digital business growth. See the other businesses on the list, and why we’re so honored to win this award.

Why your great idea didn’t ever see the light!

Last week I bought a new Cup and Saucer set for our kitchen. When it arrived, my mom unpacked it, had a look at it for a couple of minutes and then packed it back only to keep it locked in the shelf.

Building Lasting Transformation

In my previous blog, I spoke of how transformation is not a revolution, but an evolutionary journey for enterprises. From my observations, I see that while organizations these days are able to …

How to be Agile with Distributed Teams – Challenges & Strategies

Agile software development has been in the industry for some time now. It has gained immense popularity with its various methodologies like Scrum, XP, TDD, Lean etc. to deliver minimum viable product at a short iteration while keeping changes in client’s necessities on top priority. It was primarily conceptualized for execution by a co-located project …

How to Train Your Digital Dragon!

The secret is quite similar to the title – befriend the Digital life. Swell in it; don’t slay your business over it! Since digital transformation became a game-changer in our world, small or large, every enterprise needs to or wants to transform themselves to either re-position or …