AI and Machine Learning

If you put garbage in, do you get machine learning out?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence promise to be transformative technologies, but despite many businesses rushing to integrate machine learning, they still struggle with setting the proper foundation for these technologies: Controlling the quality and accuracy of their data.

Making it Real with Machine Learning

I recently wrote a post on the reality of Digital Transformation on LinkedIn. While the response was great, one of the important pieces of feedback was to make it a bit more real using a business use case.

The future of payments in the age of data and cryptocurrency

Payments is one of the fastest growing areas in fin-tech and in distributed technology as well. Many scientists, engineers and regulatory bodies are trying to crack the code of more consumer-friendly payments. You can login to a device, provide your information and details, and a whole set of computing machines are able to help you …

Einstein Vision: How to Build AI-Powered Apps, Fast

Have you ever wondered how to use Salesforce Einstein to derive meaningful insights from your unstructured data, such as images and text data? Explore this example to learn how to integrate Einstein Platform Services into your CRM workflows to build AI-powered apps, fast.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Services industry

We have more AI around us than we even know! Start-ups today, have brought in new applications and innovations in every sector. Looking at the investment figures, it says AI can contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030 – healthcare, automotive & financial services being the top most applied sectors according …

Microsoft’s investment in the AI space for businesses

Microsoft has been on a thought leadership bend over the last few years. AI has been on their radar for several years now, and they’ve been making bold moves in order to create new advancements in their existing B2B ecosystem. They’ve established long standing infrastructural capabilities over decades and are now enabling them to reach …

Can wearables help you pay lower insurance premium?

There is no denying that today, there is a flavor of the Internet of Things (IoT) in almost anything and everything we deal with in our day to day lives. This makes more and more data available that makes an average consumers’ life easier and by that virtue, greatly helps companies that are on a …

CRM and Artificial intelligence – match made in heaven!

CRM or customer relationship management has had a strong relationship with AI for a few years now. There have been multiple companies engaged with AI on an operational basis as well as strategic ones. This means that there are CRM software that allow you to enhance your communications through AI, as well as others that …

AI and jobs of the future (what jobs will be a part and what will get redundant)

Technology has made an undeniable impact on the way that we function day to day. We have the power of the internet in our pockets and we’ve made multiple innovations possible through modern era computing power.Some of the greatest concerns that many people have these days is that of complete automation. This could have …