Success Stories

How a medical technologies firm eliminated redundancy and boosted efficiency

A Fortune 500 medical technologies firm’s expansion and growth, driven by their numerous acquisitions, gave rise to various complexities and overlaps across their middleware, ERP, and third party applications, resulting in a fragmented technological landscape. They approached Altimetrik to eliminate this fragmentation and create a unified enterprise platform.


The requirement was to create a unified enterprise view in order to reduce inefficiencies, and help make cohesive and effective data-driven decisions.


The requirement necessitated the building of a front-end engagement platform that connected the various parts of the ecosystem. Altimetrik defined an inclusive journey map to build this platform on Salesforce.

Customer benefits

Our solution helped the company achieve improved scalability, and a 50% reduction in time to market. We managed this by employing re-usable components and a well-defined quality engineering approach.