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Agile Excellence: Navigating Challenges with Scrum Mastery

In two-week sprints, the team committed to backlog tasks, facilitated by daily stand-ups, demos, and retrospectives. Challenges were addressed iteratively by the Scrum Master, maintaining adaptability and responsiveness.
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Drive client

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Product Owner

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& Developers

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Elevating UX Excellence

Design principles took center stage, focusing on user-centricity and project success. Guided by essential principles, including Usability Heuristic #1, we prioritized visibility with live previews and maintained tool consistency judiciously.

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Collaborative Alignment for Design Excellence

Collaboration with other departments was pivotal, with group calls delving into business requirements and user needs, ensuring our design seamlessly aligned with broader objectives.


A standout design decision contributing to the project’s triumph was the adoption of an MVP-first approach. Initiating with a bare-bones version allowed for quick user feedback and continuous improvement while concurrently crafting a full-fledged solution.

Dynamic Journey to Design Success

This dynamic design journey showcased a commitment to excellence, user-centricity, and a strategic balance between rapid development and optimal user experience, propelling the overall success of the project.

Overall Solution

A new set of core features, within InFocus Core to support the implementation of the new use cases. Common to all product configurations, ensuring a uniform experience.

Specific set of features that enable the configuration for policies selection in addition to new input controls that streamline the content management for the different delivery channels (Email, Print, Microsite.)

Specific setup that enable the configuration of Proxy, Reorg, Pos Sale within InFocus platform.

A headless CMS solution should be implemented to drive content types, template formatting, taxonomy, and business logic, providing flexibility and abstraction from presentation layer for all content modules.

This involves integrating the new products with existing systems and tools, including ES.
Overall set up, enablement, orchestration and scaling needs for the supporting platform.

A tightly coupled Best Friend Forever (BFF) to the web application ensures seamless API definition and adaptation to UI needs. Implementing it with GraphQL + AWS (AppSync) simplifies design, maintains immutability, and centralizes API implementation, streamlining both client and server component releases.

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Angular Prowess and Client Communication Challenge

Broadridge leveraged Angular as the foundational framework, showcasing a commitment to modern and robust technologies. However, a notable challenge was encountered in the communication with the client, which was addressed to ensure a smoother workflow.
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Frontend Complexity: Standard Components and Dynamic Challenges

In terms of frontend complexity, the project primarily involved the creation of standard components, with a specific focus on a dynamic component that added a layer of intricacy to the development process. Notably, the HTML content was sourced from a service, and data injection from another service was essential for seamless
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Dynamic Form Challenge: Real-time Updates for User Interaction

A dynamic form on one of the pages, generated dynamically from yet another service, posed a unique challenge. It required real-time updates in the HTML to reflect changes made within the form, showcasing the project’s commitment to providing a responsive and interactive user experience.
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Backend CI/CD Pipeline

The main objectives of a CI/CD pipeline within the software development lifecycle, emphasizing automation for efficiency and quicker time to market. Continuous Integration (CI) focuses on frequent code merging, while Continuous Delivery (CD) ensures perpetual software readiness for swift releases. Quality Assurance involves automated testing to maintain software quality and catch bugs early, and Deployment Automation aims for consistency across environments while minimizing human error. Ideally, the CI/CD pipeline integrates with monitoring for continuous improvement. The accompanying diagram highlights key stages with tailored components for the Broadridge DevOps team’s technology stack.

From idea to reality

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Altimetrik launches Digital Business Academy to address digital talent needs.
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