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Large Global Retailer Focuses Business On a Customer-first Approach

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Transforming data ecosystems is helping this global retailer better understand its customers’ needs and preferences, more accurately forecast fashion trends, manage inventory, and improve the overall in-store experience.

Business transformation puts this global leader on the runway to success.

Transforming data ecosystems is helping this global retailer better understand its customers’ needs and preferences, more accurately forecast fashion trends, manage inventory, and improve the overall in-store experience.

In collaboration with Altimetrik, the client was able to increase data processing capabilities by a factor of 15 to help them better understand and address emerging trends and customer feedback on a global basis – enhancing their agility, responsiveness and ability to deliver innovative solutions. Additionally, with real-time language translation, even non-native language speakers have instant translation of key data outputs into either a local or a common language (English).

  • 85% Reduction in Processing Time
  • 15x Increase in Global Data Availability and Visibility
  • Real-time Translation of Data Outputs for Non-native Language Speakers
  • 30% Reduction in Data Errors

Data-centric business transformation drives efficiency and delivers meaningful insights.

Altimetrik’s transformation expertise enabled this retail giant to capture consumer feedback and insights and respond with greater speed.

This retailer relies on its ability to both capture and respond to global customer and employee feedback about products, preferences and experiences to remain both relevant and competitive. This implementation of think-global-act-local strategy allows management to respond quickly with regional or global solutions, providing them with a strong competitive advantage.

Additionally, data errors were reduced by ~30% when Altimetrik delivered solutions that provided automated processes to help resolve issues and enhance data quality and insights.

“By creating data solutions in iterative ways, we are helping this retail giant gain significant business value and reduce waste through new and more timely insights. As they look at expanding these core solutions to other areas of the global business, Altimetrik will continue to bring new leading data engineering and analytics capabilities to this world-class organization. This is a strong case and example of how we help clients accelerate their business transformation.”

Ryan Talbott

Chief Transformation Officer, U.S. Midwest & Europe



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