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We welcome our new joinees in a unique and interesting way. We refrain from carrying out the old and boring candidate - recruiter discussion process.

We visit them on campus and conduct small group activities where each team represents a start-up. The team's works in consultation with a senior professional (mentor) from Altimetrik with significant industry experience and knowledge. Time being the only constraint, the teams can be as creative as they want. The mentor assigns and assists with the tasks, eventually judging their performance on their presentations. The top-scorers are then presented with an offer to join Altimetrik.

This program is a two-way street - candidates garner industry knowledge and Altimetrik gets a chance to work with the most talented individuals.


Hackathons are a favourite among our Developers. The Hackathon is generally conducted online where coders in teams, from varied companies unite and compete. They are expected to come up with innovative coding solutions and the best part of the contest is that there are no rules to be followed with respect to the design.

The assigned technical mentors and organizers interact in a friendly manner with the participants. The participants are motivated to create an out-of-the-box solution for the given problem. The participating coders propose their ideas to the mentors at the end of the event.
AltimetrikHackathon Bengaluru 8th August, 2015

Coding Contest

The Coding Contest is an online event where coders across various firms battle it out to claim the top coding title.We conduct coding contests to encourage free thinking and innovative approach to problem solving.

Round 1 - Participating companies conduct a contest internally to determine their top performers who would represent them further.

Round 2 - Top performers from various companies compete with each other to showcase their technical capabilities. This round generally lasts for a week and 100 participants qualify for the final round.

Round 3 - The Finalists battle it out in the final day and winners are selected according to their performance.

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