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Altimetrik catalyses technology transformations for global enterprises, while driving agility, velocity and precision. Headquartered in Southfield, Michigan (USA), we are building a global workforce across our development locations in New Jersey City, Bangalore (India), Chennai (India), and Montevideo (Uruguay). We believe in hiring outstanding talent to help our customers achieve what they want, at the pace they want, by investing aggressively in new-age capabilities and solutions. We do this by fostering an enabling culture and creating an ecosystem that pushes the limits of technology to amplify possibilities and expedite market access.

Innovation at Altimetrik - Join the Journey and Change the World

Innovation is a word that resonates a lot at Altimetrik. The word innovation catalyzes our energy and makes us work for a better digital world. Altimetrik attracts inspired individuals ready to contemplate creatively in the urge of creating something new and expedient.

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