Reinventing the Wheel

User Experience & Prototypes

Being ahead of the competition demands that businesses re-invent the wheel, developing unique methodologies with agility, velocity and precision. Altimetrik’s prototype capability centre strives to redefine the target user experience through cutting-edge application design. By using an interactive and prototype-factory approach, Altimetrik catalyses technology transformation and accelerates the design-to-deployment cycle, while ensuring an enriched customer experience.

User Experience & Design

It’s nigh impossible for future-ready enterprises to differentiate themselves unless they deliver products that can delight users. And that’s precisely why they need to rethink their application designs. More than defining the physical attributes of a product, it’s a well thought out design that helps improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Any Device Computing

By leveraging the Altimetrik Mobility and Any Device Computing capabilities, businesses can meet changing, unforeseen demands and seize the opportunities that mobility presents. But mobility isn’t something enterprises can blindly take a plunge into. We can help them with a carefully structured, meticulously planned and efficiently executed strategy that can scale based on the business needs.

Customer Experience

The demands of the millennial customer can only be met by those who dare to think out of the box. A decade back, businesses decided what to serve. Today, consumers decide the fate of a business based on their ability and agility to serve. In a world riddled with competition, enterprises are as good as the customer experience they provide. And Altimetrik’s Customer Experience capability introduces a thought process that is driven by technology transformation, based on the third platform technologies of digital, consumer tech and connected solutions, and backed by the strong product and platform engineering capabilities of sales.