Envision. Engineer. Assemble. Deploy.

Innovation Lab & Design Office

More than anything else, it’s technology transformation that the world is witnessing today, one that seems to be turning on the axles of innovation and design. And at its core is design-led innovative thinking.

A lab that does more than evaluating a problem and coming up with a workable solution. It anticipates problems that might arise while devising the solutions and nips them in the bud, thus saving time, effort and resources.

Innovation Lab & Design Office



User Experience

There’s no surviving in this ever-changing business landscape unless enterprises have the agility and velocity required to beat their competition. Altimetrik’s Innovation Lab and Design Office facilitates full-stack engineers to bring all constituencies together over user experience workshops with targeted metrics. Following a pioneering development methodology spanning the four stages of Envision – Engineer – Assemble – Deploy, the Altimetrik Innovative Design Lab scales out solution development as illustrated: