Making Software
Development Agile


In the digital world, customer expectations and rules of engagement are changing fast. Technology companies are under pressure to deliver quality software faster speeds and at reduced costs. However, more than tools and solutions, it’s a change in methodology that brings about a technology revolution. DevOps is turning the odds in favour of software development, making it more agile, cost efficient and intelligent.

Catalysing the technology transformation, Altimetrik is pioneering a unique ‘DesignOps’ approach that extends the DevOps methodology to the cycle of user research, design and production. DesignOps ensures that design changes and adding new features becomes glitch-free. It also defines a mechanism that extends the feedback loop all the way from end-users to designers for continuous improvement and better customer experience.

Tools Automation
(model-driven approach)

(DevOps solution)

Development / Testing
(closed loop cycle)

Information & knowledge gathering
(planning purposes)

Bridging the gap between what’s next and what works, DevOps has brought in a new wave of transformation, making development and operations teams work in tandem to bring in agility and velocity to software development. Altimetrik’s DevOps solution capability centre is placed right at the crossroad, where software design, development and deployment takes the DevOps route to avail:

  • Freedom of creativity and innovation
  • Time efficiency to focus more on core business objectives
  • About 80 percent faster time-to- market with assured deployment quality
  • A good 10 – 15 percent reduction in total cost of SDLC
  • Last but not the least, improved operational efficiency