Empowering Business,

Channel, Application & Integration

At the heart of any technology revolution is a suite of next-gen solutions that help organizations innovate, improve efficiencies and drive excellence. Developing such intuitive and secure platforms requires a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, in-depth domain knowledge and a thoughtfully laid out businesses plan.

And that’s precisely what we help businesses do. As a catalyst for technology transformation, Altimetrik aims to simplify technology and amplify possibilities to help businesses meet the needs of an extremely demanding, evolving and tech-savvy clientele.

Enterprise Solutions

Battling complex issues of the digital world, organizations today need robust, flexible and scalable platforms to drive business excellence. Moreover, fierce competition in the marketplace necessitates the adoption of advanced technologies for modelling, automating, managing, streamlining and optimizing business processes.

Altimetrik’s industry specific SAP& Oracle expertise

Improve ROI and achieve cost benefits

Better functionality anytime, anywhere

End-to-end implementation and support services

Customized frameworks for enterprise systems

Cloud Applications

Moving your core business operations to cloud can help you break free from cumbersome and stringent CAPEX models and migrate to simpler and more flexible OPEX frameworks. Altimetrik’s set of cloud solutions with its advanced IT capabilities lie at the core of this shift.

Platform & Solution Engineering

Altimetrik’s Platform and Solutions engineering capabilities leverage ‘micro-service architecture’ to scale a by distributing each service across various nodes. With in-built integration and micro-hub frameworks to accelerate the overall solution realization, this approach has been quite successful and is fast gaining ground.