Building Lasting Transformation

A revelation by Raj Vattikuti

In my previous blog, I spoke of how transformation is not a revolution, but an evolutionary journey for enterprises. From my observations, I see that while organizations these days are able to articulate their transformation charter, they are still unclear about whether their people are ready for such a transformation. Is the organization culturally ready to embrace the transformation charter they have set for themselves? Do they have the conviction to stay with the transformation, however disruptive it may be and to see it through to the last mile?

Over the last couple of years, to drive greater business agility I am seeing the Business, IT and HR teams have started to come together in a highly collaborative way. They are doing this to define the culture, cultivate pathways to build digital products and create enterprise platforms through a design-led engineering approach following the principles of DevOps to extract early and continuous value even as they iterate through the evolution.

We are working with many enterprises where we have seen such cross-functional teams coming together and catalyzing their transformation at various stages.

For example, we have partnered with a global financial services major to transform their entire engineering hiring process to build an agile digital culture in their organization by ensuring that the right talent is identified and injected in the right roles and locations.

For an automobile major based out of US, we have infused full-stack scrum teams to transform their approach to IT from a project delivery mind-set to a product engineering mind-set. As the enterprise pivots from being a manufacturing powerhouse into a provider of smart mobility solutions, the scrum teams are enabling this transformation by introducing platform centric thinking into their engineering teams and adopting accelerated agile methodologies supported by strong DevOps capabilities. This is helping them quickly build products, that can be safely and securely applied in the real-world while continuously applying the learnings through iterative releases.

Another highly impactful method to drive culture change are transformation workshops. We are currently collaborating with customers who are using these workshops to align their talent with the transformation agenda.

We are working with one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world over a series of workshops with their mid to senior management to drive the culture of DevOps, CI/CD and Lean SDLC. These workshops are a part of a massive transformation agenda that the enterprise wishes to run over a few years.

There are several aspects in which transformation can happen in an organization. Fundamental to make it a lasting one is a culture-shift. More on this in my next blog.

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