Playground – A Catalyst for enterprise Business Transformation

Every business transformation starts with an idea. Be it simple or complex, a random tangential thought or the result of weeks of laboured thinking, ideas are the lifeblood behind transformations. Now where do ideas come from? How do you make a good idea better? What encourages people to share their ideas with each other? The answer is surprisingly simple.

Look back to your childhood, when you and your friends would meet at the playground. The slide, the see-saw and the swing set were all fun on their own, but it wasn’t enough. You started coming up with stories to role play – ideas. Climbing up the slide became scaling your enemy’s castle walls. As you jumped off the swing set mid-swing, you heroically crossed a crocodile infested stream. With the basic infrastructure provided and a healthy environment that promotes creativity and interaction, the playground was the perfect birthplace for creative ideas.

We, at Altimetrik, understand this. And we aim to catalyse enterprise business transformation by establishing an enabling culture that encourages co-operation, collaboration, and an open exchange of ideas, and creating an ecosystem that allows for the analysis and execution of plans that are derived from new ideas. Our Playground, thus, is the perfect platform for business transformation.

Let’s take a look at how the playground can help your organisation transform successfully. Firstly, it seeks to create an open and free environment. The system places emphasis on a unified team identity, which in turn results in hyper-collaborative efforts throughout the organisation. Employees from different spheres within the organisation work together to solve common issues. Everybody is expected to contribute, irrespective of whether the issue at hand falls under their area of expertise or not, and all ideas are welcomed. This allows for the continuous free exchange of ideas of all sorts, and a small idea can quickly snowball into a fully executable plan of action with valuable inputs from the whole team.

The whole system is driven by ideas. However, ideas don’t do much good until they’re implemented. So where are the slides and see-saws in this playground? What are the tools that enable all these ideas to be put into action?

With Altimetrik’s Playground, your organisation will have access to a lean and highly productive team of full-stack engineers who take an integrated approach to their work. These teams are fully equipped to engineer solutions from start to finish within themselves. They are competent in a wide range of disciplines, with the capacity to analyse and solve problems, and foresee possible complications that may arise. This foresight is invaluable as it allows them to design solutions pre-emptively, thus saving money and effort, and cutting down time-to-market.

The Playground encourages engineering of components for reusability, and a design led engineering approach to development. Parts of code that can be replicated and used like modules help make processes more streamlined. Solutions are designed with this philosophy in mind, so no time is wasted on repetitive work. The use of reusable components that have been tried and tested over time also makes for more stable and hence reliable systems. The design led engineering approach to development can be explained as a simple four step user-centric methodology – envision, engineer, assemble, and deploy.

Capability centres are another tool that Playground offers your organisation. The creation of capability centres means that the organisation can have at its disposal a team of trained personnel for a range of processes like app development and integration, user interface and user experience, information visualisation, information engineering, and more. Altimetrik’s Playground also gives you access to adaptive enterprise platforms on a SaaS model.

The availability of all these tools offers organisations the opportunity to test new ideas on a smaller scale before rolling out changes across the board. This means that the proposed alterations can be analysed and studied to get an approximation of how they would impact various parameters and operations of the enterprise. Business transformations are a risky proposition, so the opportunity to study these effects before they’re implemented organisation-wide will prove to be invaluable.

All in all, Altimetrik’s Playground is a complete system that encourages your organisation to come up with new ideas and develop them into full-blown plans, and then test the plans in action, study their effects, analyse the outcomes and then implement the changes across the organisation – a catalyst for enterprise business transformation.