Bimodal IT drives Innovation

A bimodal capability is the marriage of two distinct, but coherent approaches to create and deliver business change. To be effective, most of those mechanisms rely on an element of predictability that rarely exists in the digital era. Innovation lab is one of the place to begin with bimodal approach. An organization cannot be completed prepared in advance for this and at the same time cannot rush into it. The innovation lab provides a good foundation to commence bimodal capability is an organization as the results can be observed at each stage.

Mode 2: Innovation the core system

According to Gartner, Bimodal s the practice of managing two separate but coherent styles of work: one focused on predictability; the other on exploration. Mode 1 is optimized for areas that are more predictable and well-understood. It focuses on exploiting what is known, while renovating the legacy environment into a state that is fit for a digital world. Mode 2 is exploratory, experimenting to solve new problems and optimized for areas of uncertainty. Mode 2 does not focus only on the IT’s own processes or capabilities, it’s about the broader business capability to create business change, including an approach to innovation, sourcing, cultural change and governance, as well as how the organization makes decisions. Mode 2 has its center of gravity in systems of innovation. Innovation management is a key factor of bimodal, as it brings together capabilities inside and outside of IT.

Business Innovation: Digital Transformation and Technology Led

Bimodal embraces business innovation which makes it so simple to use for software engineering, organizations need to be more creative in this era of high rise in competition and clutter, digital transformation and bimodal allows companies to build stronger capabilities in technology and innovation.

The senior management involvement and approval is critical for business to grow with an innovative and goal oriented setup. CIOs and leaders of the organization need to be in sync with innovation in respect to purpose, process and people.


If you’ve been help up with the usual day-to-day IT matters, you might have missed a concept that hasn’t received the attention it deserves, considering it has the power to transform the way we manage IT. This concept is Bimodal IT, a term first coined by Gartner in 2014. Not only can Bimodal IT help businesses resolve time-consuming challenges, it can help IT departments fulfill their role as innovation and business transformation leaders. Bimodal IT has the aptitude to drive digital innovation and transformation forward, leading to a #ParadigmShift.

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